31 May 2014

Contrasting Experiences - Poem

Text Image:Contrasting Life Experiences
The summer heatwave has exhausted us and everybody is waiting for the first rain. The moments before the first rain are too long to wait. Why is it so? 

Why is not possible to enjoy the rain without any pain of summer? 

The life and nature are too 'similar' in giving us contrasting experiences... 
Here is fresh poem came from the 40 plus degree centigrade scorching heat...

13 May 2014

Ādhyātmic Journey to Ichhāpūrtī Ganesha Temple

Text Image: Adhyatmik Journey to Ichhapurti Ganesh Temple

The summer, this year, with the temperature 40 plus degree centigrade, has made the life unbearable. Increasing temperature causes health problems and the mind cannot relax at all.

02 May 2014

Akshay Tritiya: Festival to Celebrate Summer and to Help Others to Stay Protected from Summer

Text Image: Akshaya Tritiya Celebrate Summer Festival

Divine wishes of Akshay Tritiya to all the friends! :- ) Akshay Tritiya is in the Vaishakh month according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar, it’s the third day of Vaishakh Shukla Paksha. 

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