23 February 2017

Prayer: Solace In God

Today's poem is a simple prayer to the God.

The old black and white film of Meeraji, in which Meeraji's role is played by M.S.Subbulakshmi, is very close to my heart. I can't watch it without crying. Her simple yet innate love for lord Krishna is so purifying and celestial. It mesmerizes me to see how Meeraji would compose songs for Krishna in her sorrows and happiness. She couldn't see anything else than her Krishna. The story about her I know is that she melted in Lord Krishna and not died like humans. I don't know how true this is. But sometimes when I go to the Vitthala temple, I feel the same way to dissolve myself in the love of Lord Krishna forever.
How sad her life was despite being such a devotional person and how all the cruellest things would happen with her and still how she would keep worshiping her Krishna with her undeviating love. Her love was pure like dew drops but her own people couldn't see it. She was above all the wars happening in that era. But for small issues of her devotion, she was hated. How can anybody hate Meeraji! Even in modern days Meeraji's great devotion and rebellion devotion isn't recognized much.

21 February 2017

Poem: I Will Meet You There...

I will meet you there
I will meet you there

Where my life will be breathing freely again
Where the golden rays lighting my face
Will be your firm faith in me

20 February 2017

In bird's Mind

I thought to share a story of two birds and me. It's a true incident happened few years back. I hope this story can make the blurred picture of my life a bit clearer.

14 February 2017

Poem: Angelic

There is so much to learn from Mother Nature art, joy, nature's very own festivity and of course love. We can see love in its purest forms in nature, birds, trees, flower, snow, waterfalls, stars, moon and the sun. Here's a little dedication to Mother Nature.

Love like infinite skies
Smile like angelic flowers
Sing like sweet cuckoos
Fly like liberated birds
Live life like Mother Nature
Happy, bright and loving

13 February 2017

Poem: Gift of Soul

Gifted my soul to you
Anything more
I didn't know to give you
Anything else
I couldn't find for you
Anything more beautiful

10 February 2017

Poem: Conquering The Mind

When I feel overwhelmed by thoughts or issues CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) helps me to check the validity of thoughts to create positive and rational thoughts. Earlier I used to maintain a thought journal to identify distorted thoughts and replace them. Then it was ingrained in life. But for past few days, it was again difficult to manage thoughts and feelings. I again learned, unlearned, improved, corrected many things about the mind with CBT.

06 February 2017

Poem: The Golden Heart Which I Hold Dear

It's not the worldly glitter
The golden heart it is which I hold dear
The heart with the innocence of a child
hidden in a golden heart
The innocent heart feeling lonely
In the world who loves him
The heart lives burying tears
But giving smiles and laughter to the world
The honest eyes speaking those hidden sorrows even in loud laughter
The innocent eyes who smile to love the world
The sweet mind that innovates paths to spread love
The supersonic brain that never rests
The soft heart hard world always wants to wound
I hold dear you
Not the worldly glitter
Glitter shines and fades
But light of that heart never dims
Which I hold so dear
Never fades
I'll love you
For your light
For your love
For your innocence
For your purity
For everything, you did and doing!
I don't measure, judge, question
Your love
It starts where material world ends
I don't measure you in terms of material world
You begin where material measurements end
I don't measure you
I love you
That unmeasurable
That unjudgeable
That unquestionable
That close to you
All I want is to love you
I will never want the beautiful world
Which don't have you

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