23 December 2010

Akshay Patra Contest by Indiblogger - A simple way towards Revolution

Earlier we discussed that how The Akshay Patra foundation has found the applicability of the story from Mahabharata. Connecting with this topic now we will discuss the simple bloggers' contest.  IndiBlogger has beautifully appealed the blogger community by arranging Akshay Patra Blog and Feed contest. A simple contest- Blog for their cause now and they will feed 50 tomorrow.

15 December 2010

Akshay Patra in Kaliyuga - No more Hungry Child

We all know the story of The Akhay Patra in The Mahabharata. When The Pandavas went to Jungle for the fourteen years, i.e. for the Vanavasa, the citizens could not live without them because the Governece of Yudhishtira was so ideal for them. So many of them also went in the Jungle with The Pandavas
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