20 February 2012

ShivaSwaroop - Lord Shiva Hymn

Today is Mahashivaratri! 

Let’s worship Lord Shiva by a Hymn. The people who are totally unaware of Bharateeya (Indian) culture ask that who Lord Shiva is. How can He be the Almighty? When people ask such things with religious hatred, I really don’t understand how to answer. When we wish to gain some knowledge, we should be polite and really desperate for that. 

15 February 2012


Most of my poems are dedicated to friends, spirituality or life experiences, good and bad, sad or bitter, sweet or lovely moments of my life.
Today’s poem is on Gurukripa, very different and very blissful. These are the feelings, the blessings, and the love of a Sadguru for the disciple, the Sadhaka, the Mumukshu!

What is really Gurukripa? Gurukripa is not just blessings, Gurukripa is not just the grace, it’s not just preaching.

Gurukripa is the transformation from an ordinary human life to divinity in the life, divinity as the life and finally the ‘Shivaswaroopa’…the realization - Aham Bhrahmasmi, Shivoham Shivoham..
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