06 July 2018

Eight Years of The Blessed Mission Narayankripa

4th July -- The day a mission for peace called Narayankripa was born. 4th July 2018 eighth anniversary of our blessed mission Narayankripa.

The first blogging anniversary had felt like a huge success. As the years passed, looking back today the journey so far feels so short and when I try to set my eyes on the future path the view ahead is a long infinite road to travel. The road touches the horizon where only light exists. Brightest possible yet soothing. Farthest ever yet so inviting that I can touch, feel it around me. Stations, milestones, halts look as the tiniest marks in the expedition today when my eyes focus on the light. Yes, however small the milestones may feel they're special...each station has given me memories to treasure for the entire lifetime and they told me that the next station is even more beautiful. They reminded me that I can't halt at one place after my time there has passed; I must move forward towards the light calling me.
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