23 December 2012

Inspiration from Bhagwadgeeta

On this very special day of Geeta Jayanti, the name of our blog Gurukripa is changed to Narayankripa. By Narayankripa, today I am sharing the inspiration of Bhagwadgeeta. I am not great seer or not even a scholar of Sanskrit, to explain the meaning of Bhagwadgeeta but I can write what I have realized in simple words, from the eyes of an ordinary person which is practical for people like me. The inspiration I realized today is from the verse

11 December 2012

Narayankripa In Every Breath

It has been a month since I am not able to write properly from the time my Sadgurudeva left His Earthly divine presence from this world. I wished to write a post dedicated to Sadgurudeva  H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekhane Maharaj, but I just couldn't write the words like Memories...(--:'( --) in the article or poem. Everybody has their own world, but for me Sadgurudeva is the only world. 
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