27 August 2011

Poem: Salvation

This poem is the deepest ever for me, I can feel the meaning but can’t explain it fully……..

I am living in this jail,
From many years
From the birth
I have tried a lot
For Escape!

23 August 2011

Second Episode Of Hunger Strike

As the title of story suggest everything, here is a quick article on the current episode.

Anna Hajare is doing Hunger Unto Death. He has said in his earlier statements, that he will not break the fast, until the Comprehensive Lokpal Bill i.e. JanLokPal bill gets passed by the parliament.

Next day statement comes from him that he is ready to negotiate only with PM, Raul Vinci (Living by name Rahul Gandhi in Bharat.) or Senior Ministers.

20 August 2011

Touch Of Love

The ideal couple for me always is such that, they love each other a lot and they work for the country and humanity and peace together. This is the ideal form of love when the couple gives something to this society beyond all desires for one’s own self, to work for others. I got this inspiration when I read in Panchajanya weekly about Nanaji Deshmukh’s project in Chitrakut in Bharat – India in which every couple work with the Vanavasis – tribals living there, after the marriage for five years.This work is something similar to Lord Shriram and Mata Seetaji's work in Tribal areas, as Nanaji Deshmukh said. The info about the complete work is available on http://www.chitrakoot.org/

Something similar dream is expressed in this poem, a couple who wants to work 
for society with their touch of love everywhere………….

19 August 2011

P.P. Shri Vasudevananda Sarasvati Swami Maharaj

Today is Sravan Krushna Panchami - the day of Birth Anniversary of Paramhans Parvivrajakacharya Shri Vasudevananda Sarasvati Swami Maharaj (Tembe Swami Maharaj). Paramahans means the Sanyasi of Highest grade. He was the great sage.

18 August 2011

Mere Sapnon Ka Bharat (मेरे सपनों का भारत )

This is award winning post of Grand Patriotic Poetry Contest by Gurukripa by Amitabh  Ranjan Jha Ji. Amitabhji's complete profile in his beautiful words is HERE.
Blog: Time To Reinvigorate

मेरे सपनों का भारत
हर चेहरे पर मुस्कान हो
हर हाथों को काम हो|
गगन चुम्बी स्वाभिमान हो

17 August 2011

Patriotic Poetry Contest Results

All our days during the Grand Patriotic Poetry Contest by Gurukripa was full in patriotic mood, now time to announce results.

First of all, I am thankful to our very experienced and dedicated to country judges for giving their precious time. They have worked tirelessly to make this event a big success. It was not possible at all to judge all the entries and make all the work related to contest without their great devoted work.

15 August 2011

Independence Day of Bharat

Wishing you all my brothers, sisters and friends, a very happy Independence Day. 

Not Just Day, a happy independent physically and psychologically year and life ahead in this independent line of Bharatvarsha.

Let’s take Oath,

“We will all work TOGETHER for Bharat.”


“We will work to make this land free from Terrorism FOREVER.”

“From now, we won’t live as slept Lambs, but will WORK as, LIVE as LIONS and LIONESSES.”

“We won’t tolerate any attack on this land.”

“We will never stop contributing  Bharat from our side.  We will work TOGETHER”.

“‘DEFENSE’ should be and will be our first priority for the country. We are not weak, then why should we talk language of weak country the Peace Talks?”

“We will not come in the trap of media or anybody which diverts us from the main issue of DEFENSE in the name of DEVELOPMENT.”

“We all are working for the DEVELOPMENT of the country but we want our Land Completely Safe now.”

“We won’t waste time but will devote time for our COUNTRY.” 

"We will always work TOGETHER."

"We will be UNITED always."

12 August 2011

Bond of Rakhi

Tomorrow is RakshaBandhan. A biggest festival of love of brother and sister, celebrated in Bharat – India. The full – moon day of month Shravan according to Hindu Calender is Rakshabandhan or Rakhipaurnima or NaraliPaurnima.

Rakshabandhan means the bond of protection. Bandhan means bond and Raksha means protection. On this day, sister ties a sacred thread on brother’s wrist and brother promises her protection. This thread is called as Rakhi.

11 August 2011

I Can't Support Anna Hajare

Many of us are supporting Anna Hajare and another Hunger Unto Death (?) by him. So before giving blind support please think on these points.

·         If he believes in the democracy and his agitation for truth, Satyagrah, why did he send letter to Sonia Gandhi?

·         Who is Sonia Gandhi for him? Even if he is doing this because she is NAC president, this is surrender to Sonia Gandhi.

07 August 2011

Sing the Song of Heart

Weather is So Cool

Heart wants to Sing a Poem,
Poem of Love
Poem of Freedom
Poem of Peace

06 August 2011

Poem: Eternal Bliss

From today, I will try to share a poem with you on every Saturday, so that you can read and find some peace on weekends after hectic working days. How is this idea?
So, Today I am going to share a poem on Eternal Bliss. Yes, eternal bliss, this bliss has no end. All of us experiences such moments, but we don’t make them our memories, instead remember bitter memories.

So from today decide to remember and cherish such blissful moments. It’s not difficult at all. And you will find the eternal bliss within yourself. This happens naturally by devotion, devotion for your work, devotion for the God, devotion for yourself (never ignore yourself), devotion for your duties and your loved ones too. This is what is Bhaktiyoga or path of Devotion and Salvation - Moksha by Devotion.

05 August 2011

Goswami Tulsidasji Jayanti - (Birth Annivarsary )

Today is Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti. Jayanti means Birth Anniversary. Shravan Shukla Saptami is Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti. His devotion towards Lord Shrirama is eternal and expressed through His literature.

It is famous story about His life that, He used to love His wife a lot and He forgot everything in that love. His wife once said him that if he had half love for lord Shrirama which He has for this material body of His wife, He would have got salvation.

04 August 2011

NagaPanchami - The worship of Snakes

Today The NagaPanchami is being celebrated in India. Naga means snake and Panchami means fifth date or tithi according to Hindu Calendar, we call it as Panchanga. Naagpanchami comes on Shravan Shukla Panchami.

Drawn on simple slate to worship 
Catching snakes is almost harming their lives for 'worship', which is not a great idea. This alternate method of worship is suggested in the traditional folk story of Nagapanchami.

India is a country of farms and festivals. Shravan month is full of traditional festivities. Needless to say, snakes are friends of farmers. As a tradition of gratitude, Snakes are worshiped on this day.

01 August 2011

Creative and Stylish Blogger Award by Jenni

We have seen Awards of Love series. On completion of first Blogoversary, God gave me another gift and surprise Jenni De La Torre as my new friend.

Only few times we got the chance to talk, but I found Jenni as a spiritual person with whom I can discuss my doubts. While reading her blog, I always feel peace of mind.

And Jenni has given me stylish and creative blogger award. It is such an honor for me and my poems articles. She has said about my blog, at And The Award For The Most Awards In A Week Goes To... on her blog For Jan's Sake.

"Romanticism and poetry go hand in hand in her blog. Even though Mohinee’s blog is about India I find her insightful words to be very touching."
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