28 November 2011

The Motivational Words

Motivation always makes us write or more and more and gives energy to reach our goal, especially when we feel defeated.

Sometimes I feel sad, when many of my deep and important articles are ignored. Sometimes my views are misinterpreted too. This happens because they do not read everything or read with prejudiced opinions. Patience and logical thinking is required to understand the views with different angles. Before and after publishing I read every article again and again, take utmost care to write unbiased, with facts. Still if such misinterpretations happen, I feel where am I going wrong, should I write or shouldn’t?  Answer to all my questions,
Some Motivational Golden Words by my brother Dnyanesh to write more and more, 

“Blogging and writing is the golden opportunity for you. Don't worry about the appreciation or reactions. You are worshiping The God by this means, as you have said your blog as Chaitanyapuja (Worship of Chaitanya). When you worshiping The God will you pay attention on whether people like Worship or not? It is really nice if more and more people join with you. But you shouldn’t worship to get appreciation. Dedicate everything to The God.

Keep writing with devotion, in more and more languages…”

27 November 2011

O My Words

Dedicated to my words…These words are blessings - ‘The Gurukripa’. How can an ordinary person like me write all this!...

Image : Neelkanthvarni Bhagwan - Dhule BAPS Swaminarayan Temple
O My words! You are beautiful flowers of The God!
You are For The God!

O My Words!

Where Have You Gone?
Why Don’t You Meet Me?
You Were Expression Of Love


19 November 2011


To search some peace, I am reading Yogavashishtha Ramayan from some days. In Yogavashishtha Upasham- Prakaran 78 Sarga, and some sargas before 78, I found the story of Queen Chudala. The story about how she experienced the Gyana – The Supreme Truth, The Eternal Bliss and she has explained that what are her feelings when she was experiencing the Paramatma. (I am referring Yogavashishtha published by Geetapress, Gorakhpur).

Something similar, the experience of Advaita which is beyond the words is somewhat expressed here…it is  very very deep.

The glory of Bharateeya (Indian) culture lies in ADVAITA. When many conflicts and wars happened and still going on due to the psychology to force others to accept the some particular faith, Advaita teaches the complete peace, Advaita teaches the oneness, which ends all such conflicts. That is the reason I love Hindutva – The Bharteeya Culture

So here is the poem on Advaita…

13 November 2011

The Morning Beauty

Bharateeya (Indian) philosophy and scriptures teach us the importance of Brahmamuhurta. This is the point of end of the night and beginning of the day. Brahmamuhurta is most ideal time for Sadhana and Meditation. We get blessings of The God – The Paremeshwar and Sages. 

About Brahmamuhurta a great information and explanation is given on Krishna.com at Brahma- Muhurta- The Time of Rising From Bed - Nityananda Chandra by Kurma Dasa. I am really thankful to this wonderful site and authors who give the complete guidance on BrahmaMuhurta.

After the Brahmamuhurta a new morning arrives telling us some secrets of success and life………..

Image showing Sky in the Brahmamuhurta
 Just Feel The Beauty of BrahmaMuhurta

06 November 2011

Hymn: ShriKrishnam

Today is Prabodhini Ekadashi, we call it as Kartiki Ekadashai as it comes in the month of Kartik, eleventh day of Kartik Sukla Paksha. This is big day in Maharashtra, the day of Pandharpur Pilgrimage. Last pilgrimage was the Ekadashi on Aashadha.  Lord Krishna is known and worshiped as Lord Vitthala too. 

Lord Vittala at Dhule

05 November 2011

Poem Is Born

The experience of peace for a single moment, is the success for life...a peaceful poem

Image : The Poem is Born

The Words Flow
From The Heart
Like A Pure
Little Waterfall
The Purity Flows

03 November 2011

Annakut Festival at BAPS Swaminarayan Temple

We all have just celebrated the Deepawali Festival. In last article we have seen the significance of days in Deepawali Festival. One big day in the festival is Annakut. We offer thousands of veg. dishes to The God. Today I would like to share the Annakut Festival celebrated in Dhule BAPS Swaminarayan Temple. There were more than thousand veg. dishes, all cooked there in the temple. Devotees including women too, (in Bharateeya culture, we call women as Mother or Sister so not just women.) started cooking from midnight. 
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