23 December 2010

Akshay Patra Contest by Indiblogger - A simple way towards Revolution

Earlier we discussed that how The Akshay Patra foundation has found the applicability of the story from Mahabharata. Connecting with this topic now we will discuss the simple bloggers' contest.  IndiBlogger has beautifully appealed the blogger community by arranging Akshay Patra Blog and Feed contest. A simple contest- Blog for their cause now and they will feed 50 tomorrow.

15 December 2010

Akshay Patra in Kaliyuga - No more Hungry Child

We all know the story of The Akhay Patra in The Mahabharata. When The Pandavas went to Jungle for the fourteen years, i.e. for the Vanavasa, the citizens could not live without them because the Governece of Yudhishtira was so ideal for them. So many of them also went in the Jungle with The Pandavas

24 November 2010

Lord Shrirama -The Best Leader-Discussing In Detail

As we saw earlier if anybody follows The Life of Lord Shrirama, he can succeed in spiritual and worldly life too.

Here we are going to discuss  Life of Lord Shrirama for successful worldly life and the  successful Management and leadership too, because we can not live without management. It is necessary for everybody students, professionals, homemakers, politicians.

Courage: Any leader should have this basic quality. He or she should be able to take firm decisions quickly and he must take all the responsibility of the decisions taken and of the consequences too.

About Shrirama it is written in the Ramayanas and it is very famous that

कुलिसहु चाही कठोर अति कोमल कुसुमहु चाही ||
Shriramcharitmanas (Lankakand Doha19g)
The meaning is that He is the harder than the Vajra (The hardest weopen of the Lord Indra) and He is the softest than a flower.

And the second thing is that "Ram never says two things". He never lies that is what is called as "Akvachani".

It is really very difficult to behave like this. But Lord Shrirama is naturally on these two principles always for the whole life. ( Here past tense is not used because Shriram is always with us. )

A leader should not be influenced by emotions while taking the toughest and important decisions whichever necessary for the country or the organization. But while being a leader or a manager, he should not be heartless and self centered fellow which is observed in many leaders in the past and no need to tell about the present political scenario.

ShriRama is very very emotional man. He was very emotional when He was not with Seetaji during the Vanavasa and also after banishing Seetaji. Also during the Vanavasa ( When He, Lxmanaji and Seetaji were living in the jungle for fourteen years.), He was very sad and emotional for His brother Bharata, all the mothers( including Kaikeyee who was responsible for their Vanavasa ) and  all the citizens of the Ayodhya. Here one more important point comes out. All the citizens used to love their Yuvaraj or Prince Shrirama and they could not live without Him. But Shrirama also cared for each and everybody of them. This should be the leader. The same thing is taught in modern management. But a question comes in mind how many people are really like this.  Just an example on twitter their are lots of famous people. When we saw there profiles, they have millions of followers but many of these big leaders or public figures  do not follow a single person. It is far away for them to know personally their followers.

Coming back to our main subject, Lord Shrirama! During the war with Ravana, Laxman was unconscious, Lord Shrirama was very very emotional.

But none of the incidents above affected any of His decisions during the Vanavasa or during the war with Ravana. When Ravana kidnapped Seetaji, Shrirama even did not know where She is ! He was very emotional. But He helped Sugreeva and gave back his kingdom of Vanaras from Vali. From the side of Sugreeva when Hanuman met Lord Shrirama, by his way of communication Shrirama immediately understood his personality, talent, his knowledge and capabilities. He told about all this to Laxmana. 

So any good or bad incident in Lord Shriram's life never affected His work, duties and responsibilities. During Vanavasa He knew that His father is no more. Still He completed all his responsibilities in the Vanavasa i.e. to save the sages- Rishis from the Rakshas by fighting with them, killing them. We see throughout the Ramayana Lord Shrirama is very calm and patient. He does every move firmly without any hesitation and much thinking. But whatever he do is the perfect. Especially, we see the best strategies He did during the wars. This is very much needed for India especially to learn and to find the solutions on biggest problems related to Defense, Internal security and foreign relations.

This subject is vast and as we go deeper in the Ramayana, we discover a completely new knowledge on this subject. 

We will extend this discussion further in next articles.


04 November 2010

Appeal to All The Readers

Dear Readers,

Namaste! You must have read my last post on the Diwali. Whatever I am writing are my original Ideas and all this is by the grace of my Sadgurudeva H.H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj. I have written this on the starting of the blog and the name is also Gurukripa. If I get some inspiration from others I also put the gratitude towards them , which is the morality and natural. Also I do not hesitate to give the web address of the people whose articles I find useful for the readers.

01 November 2010

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to all the readers!

Diwali is the festival of lights as all of us know. But what is the meaning of the word Diwali? The original word is Deepawali. That is Deep-Aawali. 

Deep means Diya, a lamp. Diyadivaadeepam, or deepak is an oil lamp usually made from clay, with a cotton wick dipped in ghee or vegetable oils - (The Wikipedia meaning.) and Aawali means row. Deep-Aawali means row of Diyas or Deeps. So Diwali is the festival of lights. We lighten lots of Diyas in rows. This looks very very beautiful. Isn't it?

But why do we do this? have you ever thought? See, I like to talk a lot. I am writing this just because I want to share my thoughts with all of you and I would like to know  your thoughts also. We have so many beautiful different kinds of electric bulbs. Then why the oil lamps? Just because this is the festival of light or because this is our custom? What do you think? I will wait for your comments.

Deepawali means the festival of the light of the knowledge, joy and the peace. Festival is not a thing to be celebrated by a single person. As the Diyas are lit as one by another, this festival is to enlighten the Diya of the Gyan -the Highest or Supreme Knowledge, Peace and the Joy. So this is the most joyous and most beautiful festival of India.

If so, then while celebrating this auspicious festival Deepawali how can we keep some one's life in Darkness? How can we disturb the peace and joy of others? How can we pollute our 'Mother Earth'? How can we burn or blast the image of Laxmi Mata especially on the day of Laxmi Pujan?

Yes! Many of us do this. And we think that we enjoyed the Diwali. Is it the light of knowledge or the darkness of ignorance or the darkness of negligence about the reality? 

Boycott the fireworks and the crackers.

See the hazardous lives of children who are working in these fireworks' factories. May be we can not give them education. But at least we should not steal their lives, their innocent childhood. See their Dark faces. They show the Darkness of their lives to lighten up our Diwali.

Second thing is pollution. This is such a big contradiction.We create so much air and sound pollution on this festival, instead of lightening the Diya of joy and peace in the hearts of others, we extinguish the peace and joy of others. Have you ever seen the frightened faces of the innocent animals because of crackers? The effects on the senior citizens, the effect on the students due to this noise?

Third thing, some  Fire cracker have image of Laxmi Mata on them, which gets blasted. So I know nobody will like to do this and enjoy this thing.

On this Diwali, let our hearts be enlightened by the joy, knowledge and peace. Let our faces become that Diyas who spread this all over the earth. The joy for everybody. Share smiles and enjoy the Diwali.

Wish you the enlightened, Safe and A very very Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year.

17 October 2010

Happy Dussehra

सीमोल्लंघन विजयादशमीचे 

   ओलांडू सीमा अज्ञानाच्या, प्रवेश करू या राज्यी ज्ञानाच्या ||
जिथे ना द्वेष, भेद, भय, अशा राज्यी आनंदाच्या || १ ||

शस्त्रे उचला प्रेमाची, हृदये जिंकण्या विश्वाची ||
रावण जाळू विकारांचा, स्थापना करू या रामाची || २ ||

आनंदाचा सौरभ द्यावा, प्रेमाचा जयघोष करावा ||
सुवर्ण लुटावे मानवतेचे , दारिद्र्य त्यजावे दुर्बलतेचे || ४ ||

नको हीनता , नको दीनता, नको झुकणे अन्यायापुढे ||
सामर्थ्य, शक्ती, प्रेमभक्ती, आणू राज्य श्रीरामाचे  || ५ ||

विजयादशमीस विजयी होऊ, दारिद्र्य दु:ख सोडूनी देऊ ||
आरंभ करू या नवजगाचा, विश्व कुटुंब करण्याचा || ६ ||

या सारे जोडा हात, उद्घोष करा एकतेचा ||
मानवता, विश्वप्रेम, आणिक सौहार्दाचा || ७ ||

झटू या सारे, पुन्हा एकदा भारतमातेसाठी ||
वैभव रामराज्याचे पुन्हा एकदा आणण्यासाठी || ८ ||

आम्हा ना मान्य भेदभाव तो, क्षुद्र सीमा अहंकाराच्या ||
सारे विश्वच कुटुंब आमुचे, उद्घोष हा हिंदुत्वाचा ||  
उद्घोष हा वेदांचा || ९ || 

द्वेषाच्या सीमा उभारून, वंचना स्वत: ची करू नका ||
प्रेमाच्या या राज्यापासून दूर तुम्ही राहू नका || १० ||

आनंद इथे अद्वैताचा, लवलेश न भेद भयाचा ||
विसरुनी सारे क्षुद्र विचार, स्वीकारा हा नवा आचार || ११ ||

मानवतेचा विश्वप्रेमाचा, दसरा हा हिंदुत्वाचा ||
प्रसाद घ्या सगळे हा महायोग पुर्वाभ्यासाचा || १२ || 

नारायणे दिला विश्वासाठी, प्रसाद हा सर्वांसाठी ||
मोहिनी वाटी त्यास सदा आत्मसुखासाठी || १३ ||   

अव्हेर याचा करू नका, आनंदापासुनी वंचित राहू नका || 
राम हृदयी प्रकट होण्या वाट पाहे ||
दूर तुम्ही लोटू नका || १४ ||

कळकळीची विनंती, ही नारायणे सर्वा केली ||
अनुसरण तिचे सदा करा, प्राणपूजा ही सदा करा  || १५  || 

हृदयी ध्यास हाच धरा, प्राण माझा सखा खरा ||
प्राणपूजा हीच विश्वपूजा, आरंभ तिचा आज करा || १६ || 

आरंभ तिचा आज करा ||
आरंभ तिचा आज करा ||


16 October 2010


नमस्कार! आधीच्या भागात आपण काव्यरुपाने सिद्धयोगाचे वर्णन पाहिले. आज आपण सिद्धयोगाचे वर्णन विस्ताराने पाहू.

" ठेविले अनंते तैसेची रहावे, चित्ती असो द्यावे समाधान. " 

भावव्याख्या : वरील ओळी आपल्या सर्वांच्या अगदी परिचयाच्या आहेत. आयुष्यात जे काही घडणार आहे, ते तर ईश्वराच्या इच्छेनेच! मग व्यर्थ चिंता करून काय मिळेल! शरीर आणि मन जळत राहील. म्हणून सदा समाधान बाळगावे. 

पण हे कसे शक्य आहे? मनात जर चिंता, काळजी, नकारात्मक विचार येत असतील तर करणार काय? नाही नियंत्रण होत! नकारात्मक विचार ऊर्जा खातात आणि सकारात्मक सुद्धा!

नामस्मरणाने हे सगळं शांत होतं, असं सारे संत स्वानुभवाने सांगतात. सिद्धायोगाने हे सहज सुलभ झाले आहे, कारण इथे केवळ सद्गुरुकृपाच सगळे करते. काही कारणाने शक्तिपात दीक्षा घेण्याची तयारी होत नसल्यास, तशी तयारी अपोआप व्हावी व सर्वांनाच हा सुंदर अनुभव प्राप्त व्हावा, म्हणून अपार करुणामयी सद्गुरुमाउली परम पूज्य श्री नारायणकाका ढेकणे महाराजांनी सिद्धयोग पूर्वाभ्यासाचा अनमोल खजिनाच सर्वांसाठी मुक्त करून दिलेला आहे.

सिद्धयोग साधनेने आणि त्याच्या पूर्वाभ्यासाने मनाचा हा छळ अगदी सहज आणि तत्काळ शांत होऊ शकतो आणि आनंदाचा खजिनाच, सदा प्रवाहित होणारा झराच  प्राप्त होऊ  शकतो. करायचे काय तर अगदी काहीही नाही. आश्चर्य वाटलं ना! अहो ! ही एक मोठी गम्मतच  आहे, अगदी ( fun ) मजाच आहे. आपोआप होणाऱ्या श्वासोच्वासावर मन अगदी सोडून द्यायचे. मनाला म्हण हवा तेवढा गोंधळ घाल. आम्हाला कसलीही भीती नाही. आमचा श्वास चालूय ना ! मग भीती कसली! आपलं म्हणून काही नियंत्रण ठेवायचच नाही.

नामस्मरणानेही हेच होणार. सतत नाम चालू आहे आणि साधना म्हणजे प्राणसाधना नियमित चालू आहे . मनाच्या सर्व वृत्ती अखंडपणे प्राणात / नामात विलीन होत जातात. मग उदय होतो परमशांतीचा आणि परमानंदाचा!

बस! हे शांतपणे, धीराने होऊ देत जावे, विचार निघून जाऊ द्यावे. कधी कधी त्रास वाटतो, नको हे सगळं! काही उपयोग होत नाही, असंही वाटतं. पण धीर सोडू नये, मनाचेच खेळ ते! घाबरायच काय. सद्गुरूंचे, ईश्वराचे (गुरु म्हणजे ईश्वर आणि ईश्वर म्हणजे गुरु !) वचन आहे सर्वांना " सर्वधर्मान  परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज| "  " अभयं सर्वभूतेभ्यो ददाम्येतद व्रतं मम| " प्राणात- साधना चालू  असताना आणि इतर वेळी नामात सर्व लीन होऊ देणं , म्हणजेच "सर्व धर्मान परित्यज्य". मनाच्या वृत्तींच्या आहारी जाण,  हेच तर मनाचे धर्म, त्यांच्या आहारी जाऊ नये,  त्यांचा परित्याग सहज झाला, मग तो अभय देणारच. 

सगळ्या संतानी हेच सांगितले आहे. सद्गुरुमाउली नारायण काकांनी वारंवार हाच उपदेश दिला आहे . प्राण हाच देव आणि देव हाच प्राण ! हेच वेगळ्या शब्दात म्हणजे  ' ठेविले अनंते ...' या शब्दांत सांगितले आहे . आपोआप  होणाऱ्या क्रियांना साधने /पूर्वभ्यासा दरम्यान पूर्ण स्वातंत्र्य द्यावे. पूर्ण अप्रतिकार! प्राणरूपी, चैतन्यरूपी आईस पूर्ण समर्पण. असा हा अमृताहूनही गोड सोप्पा अभ्यास सगळ्यांनी जरूर करून बघावा, अशी विनंती आहे. या नवरात्रात शक्तिची ही आत्मपूजा सर्वांनी अनुभवावी. सद्गुरुमाउलीने आपल्या सर्वांच्या कल्यानासाठी हे सुन्दर वरदानच दिलेले आहे, त्याचा अनुभव अगदी सगळ्यांनी घ्यावाच.  गुरूदेवांचा महान संकल्पच आहे, " सर्वे पि सिद्धयोग दीक्षिता: भवन्तु | ".

विचार हे कर्मांचे, शुभाशुभ कर्मांचे बीज आहे , त्यात जर ' ठेविले अनंते तैसेची ' राहील तर साधनेशिवाय इतर वेळही कर्मांवर हळूहळू नियंत्रण येईल, आणि ते पण आपोआप होऊ लागतील. मग ' चित्ती समाधान ' आपोआपच राहील.

आधी  आलेल्या प्रश्नांचे हेच उत्तर आहे. सिद्धयोगाच्या पूर्ण माहिती साठी परम पूज्य काकामहाराजांचे ' सिद्धयोग (महायोग )' हे पुस्तक बघावे, हे विनंती.

14 October 2010


Navaratri is going on and everybody is worshiping The Mother Goddess. I am a blessed disciple of Sadgurumauli H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj, in the Shaktipat Siddhayoga or Mahayoga. 

This is the simplest ever path of Sadhana for self realization and the worship of the Mother Goddess Shakti by herself, that is Aatmapujan.

Below is the poetic discription of this path, how It works, how It is useful and applicable in today's fast life and how this path is scientific.

सिद्धयोग ( महायोग )

कष्टाचा हा मार्ग नसे, आनंदाचा झराच असे |
आपोआप हा वाहणारा, शक्तीचा स्रोत असे || १ ||

शक्ती वसे अंतरी जी, जागृत होई गुरुकृपेने |
सुप्त असता गुप्त भासे, गुरुकृपेने प्रकट दिसे || २ ||

प्राणाधार कुंडलिनी, माता जी जगती वसे |
अंतरी ती आपुल्या वसे, गुरुकृपेने प्रकट दिसे || ३ || 

प्रकट होता तांडव करुनी, कर्माचे डोंगर नाशी |
क्षणात ती भस्म करी, पापांच्या महाराशी || ४ ||

मार्ग हा न इथेच थांबे, शुभकर्मेही जाळत राही |
उरता उरे प्राण केवळ, अद्भुत हा प्रलय जवळ || ५ ||

केवळ दिसे गुरुकृपेने,गुरुकृपेने गुरुकृपेने || 
झरा हा सहजी जवळ, तृप्त त्याने व्हावे केवळ || ६ || 

सिद्ध हा योग हा, गुरुकृपेचा महायोग हा ||
सद्गुरू कृपेचा दिव्य योग हा  || ७ ||

महायोग हा सहजी मिळाला ||
आत्मानंद हृदयी गवसला || ८ ||

जिंकू नका विकारांना, प्राण जिंके सहजी त्यांना ||
मारू नका विचारांना, प्राण घेई सहजी त्यांना || ९ ||

काम सोपे करणे न काही, गुरुकृपेचा अनुभव घेई ||
दु:खाने का रडत राहता, सुखाने का भ्रमत राहता || १० ||

संग घ्या प्राणाचा, अवचित गोड नामाचा |
बघा कुठे तो भ्रम आहे, आनंदची भरला आहे || ११ ||

अखंड संवाद सद्गुरूंशी, मिलाप होई अखंड त्यांशी ||
हवे अजुनी काय तुम्हाला, विचार करुनी सांगा जरा || १२ ||

अद्वैत झरा प्रस्फुटीत होई, कार्य सोपे साधुनी घेई ||
आनंदाचा अनुभव घेई, आनंद आनंद हृदयी घेई || १३ ||

आनंद आनंद, हृदयाचे स्पंदन आनंद ||
आनंद आनंद केवळ आनंद ||
जगती भरला आज आनंद || १४ ||

स्तोत्र हे पठण करता, साधनेत गती येई |
विघ्नांचे साऱ्या निर्दालन होई || १५ || 

आशिष हे नारायणाचे, वचन सर्वां सद्गुरूंचे ||
सदा सदा सदा राही अमिट हे बोल माझे || १६ || 

विश्वास मनी असो द्यावा, अखंड ध्यास हृदयी मिळावा ||
जीवन कृतार्थ मग होई, अंतरी दु:ख मुळी न राही || १७ || 

एकरूपता आज गुरूंशी, अनुभविली सहज साची ||
मी न उरले माझे काही, गुरुकृपा भरुनी राही || १८ ||

विघ्न असो साधनेतील, जीवनातील वा सूक्ष्मातील |
सर्वांचे निर्दालन होईल,त्रुटी कशाची कदा न राहील || १९ ||

भाव हृदयी जरा असावा, अनुभव मग सहजी घ्यावा ||
आता तरी सुटावी चिंता, दु:ख भयाची व्यथा || २० ||

विचारांना जाऊ द्यावे, विकारांना धुवू द्यावे ||
क्रियात शक्तीच्या, काही न करावे ||
आपोआप मग जीवन चालावे, निश्चिंत सदा जीवनी असावे || २१ ||

For the detailed information on Siddhayoga ( Mahayoga ) please visit the official website of Mahayoga http://www.mahayoga.org/.


11 October 2010


Namaste all the readers!
Today is the fourth day of The Navaratri. Below is The Aarti of The Saraswati Mata, which is written by me by the grace of my SadguruMauli H.H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj.

जय देवी  जय देवी   जय सरस्वती माते
आरती ओवाळीता हृदयी तू वसते,  जय देवी  जय देवी... ||धृ.||

बुद्धी ज्ञानाची जननी ,विद्यादात्री तू अससी |
वागेश्वरी प्राणेश्वरी,  सरस्वती तू अससी ||
आरती तुझी करता दिव्य ज्ञान होते , जय देवी जय देवी ...||1||

माता साऱ्या जगताची , सरस्वती तू  अससी |
चालण्या हे जगत, शक्ती तू अससी ||
आरती तुझी करता ईश ज्ञान होते, जय देवी जय देवी ....||2||

कुंडलिनी रूपे तू शरीरी वससी ,
सद्गुरुरूपे तू कार्य सदा करसी |
भवसागर तरण्या,  हृदयी तू वससी||
आरती तुझी करता कृपा ज्ञान होते , जय देवी जय देवी ...||3|| 

10 October 2010


Happy and a Devotional Navaratri to all the readers.

Today is the third day of the Navaratri festival and this is a heart felt puja of Mahakali by a few words.

Mahakali! Aadimaya, Jagnmata ( The mother of the whole world) Mahakali! She is extremely destructive and darkest black. So She is called as KaliMa, Mahakali.

Black color is the symbol of negativity, darkness and depression. Then why The Mother Goddess has become Black?

If She is our beloved Mother, then why She is so Destructive and Angry?

Wherever we read the description of the Param Ishwar, in The ShrimadBhagvadGeeta, The description written by Rishis, Maharishis and  Great Saints (Sants) by their own experience, we find that The God is like crores crores of Suns. Light means The God. Then why The Kali Ma who is The Shaktiroopa of The Param Ishwar, so Black?

"प्रकाश तू, तिमिर तूच "
"Oh Lord! You are The Light and you are The Darkness" -from तूच तू 

Is there anything Jada ( Static) or Chetan ( Alive) without The God or The Param Ishwar? So He or She that is our faith which Roop or form we like, is everything, everywhere. So she is the darkness and She is the light.

By the grace of The God we experience the joys, the happy days, the days of knowledge when we become really satisfied and happy.

But sometimes we get the sorrows, worries. We do not understand anything and feel the darkness and frustration everywhere, can not find the solution, we do not find anybody to help us. 

In that time also The Mother Kali says, " I am with you. Be courageous and fight boldly because my child! you are not alone, you were never alone. I am with you always. I won't let happen anything bad with you, never, you may not remember me always but how can I leave my dearest child alone? So do not worry. Your Ma Kali is with you!"  

" I am destructive and dangerous for the Adharmis , not for you my dear child. I have taken this form to protect you always. I am inside your heart so never feel weak, never behave like a weak. Be strong and live on the true Dharma and for the Dharma. I am there to destroy all the injustice."
Samartha Ramadas Swami preys to Lord Shriram

"सदा सर्वदा योग तूझा घडावा "
"Please be always with me."

The Mother says " Yes! I am always with you , in your every breath, I am The Pranarupi mother. "

Param Pujya Sadgurumauli Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj always say , " Mother power is inside every breathing person, animal, in the form Prana."

Expierience the Love of The Mother Mahakali and The SadguruMauli ( Both are the same )in this Navaratri. Wish you a Happy Navaratri once again.

30 September 2010

Ayodhya Verdict

Jai Shri Ram!

Today the most awaited verdict came, The Verdict on Ayodhya Ramamjanmaboomi Dispute. The court has said that this holy place is the Birth Place of Lord ShriRam. We are seeing the reactions of people from all the streams, religions, ages.

There should be a detailed separate discussion on each point stated by the High Court.

But here is the reaction which is coming in my mind by the grace of Lord Shri Rama, I think everybody will agree with this. This reaction is on the above mentioned part of the verdict.

This is the victory of Development, Prosperity, Growth of the country in each aspect may it be education, economy, democratic values, moral values, every good thing. Because the governance given by Lord Shri Ram is the most ideal governance ever. Now, nobody can disagree with the history related to Lord Shri Rama, the ASI proofs are also accepted by the High Court.

The Mandir at the Birthplace of Lord Shri Ram will give the inspiration of the most  ideal governance to the coming generations.

Lord Shri Ram has said about this place as "Janani Janmabhoomishcha swargadapi Gariyasi.." 

This place will always inspire us to make our country more beautiful place than Swarga. Again some people may do not like the word Swarga. But the thing to be understood by Swarga is the most beautiful place.

This holy place of Lord Shri Ram will always spread the message of Equality, Love within each relation in the family and Love for the world just like  the own family, "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" , The Supreme Truth, Devotion, Karma Yoga and many immortal values to make the country The Developed Country in the true sense.

The Sun of The Rama Rajya -The Ideal Governance thought by Lord Shri Ram by his own rule will light this world for millions of millenniums.

22 August 2010


||Shri Shri Gurave Namaha||

Here are some secret but simple keys to unlock the longterm and true success with peace of mind.
  1. If  No Hurry then No Worry.
  2. Never surrender to stress and worries.
  3. Keep the positive approach towards every problem.
  4. Don' t be confused and hesitated while doing any task.
  5. Do every work with calmness and steadiness. This saves your time, physical and mental energy (energy of the brain) more than 50% and the task is  completed with more perfection and surely with beauty.
  6. Trust The Sadgurudeva, The God and Yourself.
  7. Do the work in steps.
  8. The confidence will build up by doing each step of the work successfully and of course with perfection.
  9. Then go for the higher and higher tasks.
  10. Do each and every work as the worship of The God or The ParamIshwar-whether it may be small or big.
  11. Write down your Strengths and Weaknesses. And try to eliminate your weaknesses one by one and replace it by some good habit to convert it into your strength.
  12. Never lose The Courage and The Hope.
  13. Do not go for unnecessary work-like unnecessary reading,chatting. This not only wastes your time but also energy and increases the stress on mind and the brain.
  14. So be selective and careful while choosing the tasks.
  15. Always take small breaks to give rest to your brain between the tasks.
  16. Faith is the mother of all -success,courage,hope,passion,compassion.
  17. Most importantly never neglect your health.If character is  lost everything is lost, is true. But just think, if you lose your health, what is the meaning of any of your quality like character, talent, even spirituality.
So go ahead!Success is yours! Luck is yours!!  

15 August 2010

वन्दे मातरम

|| श्री श्री गुरवे नम: ||

स्वप्न सगळेच बघतात ,
स्वत:साठी इतरांसाठी !
आपण आज एक स्वप्न बघू या ;
देशासाठी, आपल्या सर्वांसाठी !

'सुरक्षित भारत '

'सुविकसित   भारत' 

भारताच्या  विकासासाठी
 झटतोय आपण सगले 
पण सुरक्षेशिवय विकास 
 प्राणाशिवाय  श्रृंगारित देह!

आज निश्चय करू या 
आता झटायचे सुरक्षेसाठीपण 
हे देवतांचे राष्ट्र
 पीडितांचे  राष्ट्र होऊ नये


हे प्रेषिताचे  राष्ट्र 
शोषितांचे राष्ट्र होऊ नये 


आचंद्रसूर्य भारताचे 
स्वातंत्र्य नान्दावे 


निश्चय करू या 
एकतेचा! सुरक्षेचा !! सुविकासाचा!!!

त्याग करू या
राष्ट्रद्रोह्यांचा ! विघाताकांचा !! भोगावादाचा !!! 
जय हिंद 

04 July 2010

Lord Shrirama -The Best Leader

Shri Shri Guruve Namaha    

My Koti Koti Vandan to my Sadgurudeva H.H.Shri Narayankaka DhekaneMaharaj,writing the first post on His Birthday. 

Leader as all of us know simply can be defined as the person who leads,which means to take decisions,to take their responsibility and to implement them.
Now if we want to study the best characteristics of a good or I can say a best leader for any country or for any organisation in the management context,we must study Lord Shrirama.

See!When we think Lord Shirama as The God or The Param Ishwar and we study The Ramayana in the devotional point of view it will be a different thing.

But lord Shrirama's Avatar or His Character and Life that He shown was  of an ideal human being .His this ideal life is to show the people that if you live a life like this on moral values which in the true words is the life on The Dharma. 
Dharma here does not mean the religion but a system that is formed for the peaceful and happy life of an individual and the same for the society in short everyone has the right to fulfill his own desires but the way to fulfill them and the desires themselves should not disturb others' peace and joy and should not give sorrow and pains to others and the whole society.

If anybody lives such a life on Dharma and the moral values,he or she will not be weak,but he or she will be the Grestest and Successful person in the worldly or material life and in the spiritual life also.

In the next post we will be the discussing this subject in detail.

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