19 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 19 Poem: Plight of Summer

The poem for the 19th day of April is on climate change. For this poem, we've the Indian summer on our blog to share its plight with all of us. We were good friends once, let's see if this poem revives our bond.

Listen to my plight once
before discussing hot air

It’s not me, the summer, heating
brutally, earth to scorch you all

I'd bring the pleasant bloom
with breeze carrying their fragrance

I'd rejuvenate the whole world
with spring birthing new leaves

Waves of joy would remind my name
Heat waves weren’t synonymous with me

Text Image for April Poetry Month Day 19 Poem: Plight of Summer

With each tree slaughtered
mercilessly, my breathing’s stifled

I’m broiled to soaring temperatures
35, 40, 45 degrees and still rising....

in the jungles of concrete ovens,
industrial and vehicle emissions

It’s not me, the summer, heating
brutally the earth to scorch you all

It’s me, the summer, who’ve been scorched
brutally and burnt with deforestation


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