23 December 2012

Inspiration from Bhagwadgeeta

On this very special day of Geeta Jayanti, the name of our blog Gurukripa is changed to Narayankripa. By Narayankripa, today I am sharing the inspiration of Bhagwadgeeta. I am not great seer or not even a scholar of Sanskrit, to explain the meaning of Bhagwadgeeta but I can write what I have realized in simple words, from the eyes of an ordinary person which is practical for people like me. The inspiration I realized today is from the verse

11 December 2012

Narayankripa In Every Breath

It has been a month since I am not able to write properly from the time my Sadgurudeva left His Earthly divine presence from this world. I wished to write a post dedicated to Sadgurudeva  H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekhane Maharaj, but I just couldn't write the words like Memories...(--:'( --) in the article or poem. Everybody has their own world, but for me Sadgurudeva is the only world. 

14 November 2012

The Deepawali

For past two years we have shared the spiritual significance of Deepawali Festival through the articles Enlightening Deepawali and Happy Diwali

This year same message is expressed in a small Mantra, in a Haiku. Please read the articles and feel the peaceful beauty of this Greatest festival of Diwali.

04 November 2012

Nature - Mother and The Almighty

From the past few months, my feelings were too inexpensive and weren't ready to write any poem. After a long time, happy to share two haiku with you. One about Mother Nature and a Senryu about Human Nature. Feeling so fresh :-).

16 October 2012

Navaratri Festival: Ancient Devi Temple Darshan

Happy Navaratri to all the brothers and sisters. :-) At Dhule my city the Ekvira Devi temple will be open for 24 hrs during Navaratri. People go to temple from 2 am or even before that. I have made a PowerPoint Slideshow for Devi Maa Darshan during Navaratri Festival. All photographs are from our city Dhule. 

14 October 2012

Navaratri - Maa Durga's Blessings

Navaratri Festival is starting on 16th Oct, the freshness and divinity filled in the air are telling the news of Navaratri. I don't know why but every year I notice, days of Navaratri and Diwali are very very special and divine. That might be the reason Navaratri is celebrated with Vratas (Special rituals and owes) for the nine days of Navaratri. Every

06 October 2012

Dnyaneshwari Jayanti – The Birthday of Bhavarthdeepika

BhavarthaDeepika means Dnyaneshwari:

Bhavarthdeepika means Dnyaneshwari is the commentary of Shrimadbhagwadgeeta written in Marathi by Saint Dnyaneshwara. Today means on the Sixth Day of Bhadrapad Krishna Paksha is Dnyaneshwari is born. Saint Dnyaneshwara or some people pronounce the name as Janeshwara or Gyaneshwara who was a teenager

02 October 2012

O Blue Sky

The almighty is like the Sky, everywhere and Indian Philosophy of Advaita is even beyond the limits of The Sky. I love the sky, because it teaches, it shows the Oneness. I love its blue color which represents the bliss and purity.  Today’s poem is the hymn of The Sky, a prayer to the Sky. 

26 September 2012

Vighnaharta - A Dedication to Lord Ganesha

With the beginning of the Ganesh Festival, Lord Ganesh comes to our home and in different Ganesh pendals to bless us during ten divine days. The Murtis are large, small, in various forms of the Bhagwan like that sitting on a Simhasan, like that of a Emperor, or like a friend. Yes, the Murties are created by the devotion and Bhagwan Ganesh takes different forms according to our spiritual Bhava or feelings. A question commonly asked is that why do we worship an idol? 

14 September 2012

Epic of The Life

Our simple life which looks ordinary, can be an Epic. 
I think so. Here are my thoughts and what do you think? 

05 September 2012

Pranama To All The Teachers

Today is a very special day for Gurukripa, it’s Teachers’ Day.  The Sadguru is the teacher who not just teachers, but gives a new life to the disciple by Deeksha. I am writing today so naturally, so easily, I have discovered the peace in my life and I can share the blissful moments I am living and experiencing is just because of my Gurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj. He is really like my mother.

30 August 2012

The Almighty

Today’s poem is dedicated to The Almighty who has created this beautiful world and who protects it, flourishes, nourishes it with the love. This poem is a hymn dedicated to The Almighty, just like the hymns in Vedas.

20 August 2012

Stop Cow Slaughter 'for' Religious Festivals

Today is Eid - ul - Fitar or Ramadan Eid and most of the Hindus must be sad today because of cow slaughter to celebrate Eid. 

Cow slaughter is a very sensitive issue and when we talk against it the people, the fanatic Muslims, who slaughter cows in the name of sacrifice, their religious feelings get hurt.  I have written in Hindi already on this issue

08 August 2012

Janmashtami Celebrations

A very very special person’s birthday is on this Friday.  This person is special for everybody in this world. I know, you have guessed it, I am talking about Lord Krishna. Yes, our beloved

07 August 2012

'Gurukripa is Eternal' - Celebrating Gurukripa's Success

Gurukripa completed two golden years of Love, Success, Fame on 4th July. I missed the celebration due to some personal reasons, but my dearest younger sister Simran celebrated
Gurukripa’s Birthday on 4th July midnight. She has done a lot of hard work and her creativity at the best is expressed with the love for me in the image she created with mine and her pic and with the PowerPoint slides she made. It is such a beautiful gift for me that I

02 August 2012

Happy Rakshabandhan

Happy RakshaBandhan to all the Brothers and Sisters

The bond of love, the bond of protection,
Happy Rakshabandhan

31 July 2012

When Life Was Stopped

This poem is a reflection of depressed mind and expressing a motivation to live. While writing these lines, I was under extreme stress and while writing I got an answer of my questions.

27 July 2012

Meaning of Life

You might be remembering that some months back, I could not write a single Haiku and now I am regularly sharing Haiku on Haiku Heights. Haiku Heights' inspiration has become so important, I can't miss a single prompt. 

Haiku Heights is hosted by my friend Leo (Vinay) with the beautiful blog I Rhyme

20 July 2012

First Love

This week's theme for Haiku Heights is 'First'.  The first theme came in my mind reading the word first, is first love. Nobody, can forget the innocent feelings of first love. I feel, love can't be first, second....Love is just love the first feeling which tells us the meaning of life. Today, I am so happy, to present a poem with the Haiku on the same theme. Haiku and poem is dedicated to Lord Krishna and His love..

13 July 2012

Explanation of Sanskrit Terms Used on Gurukripa

Jay Jay Shankar ! Har Har Shankar

"I pray to Lord Shankara to enlighten me with the Gyana."

We are discussing about Indian culture and philosophy of Advaita on this blog from past two years. While writing, I am actually realizing more and more and learning more. Many spirituality concepts are not in English which are very usual and common in Bharata. I was not getting satisfaction of writing by replacing the words and I try to keep what comes from heart as it is, because it is spiritual and not manual work.

12 July 2012

Vital to The Life

vital energy 
of mind; eaten by worries                                      
smile for smiling life 


you were so vital
like breathing; I am dead now
without you my love


11 July 2012

Namakam - Chamakam Effect on Mind

Namaste brothers and sisters,

I was away from blogging and social networking last month due to stress and now also I was not feeling completely normal. Apart from that or another reason of stress is the high blood pressure I am having. It was 180/120, you can imagine, how restless I must be feeling. I had trouble while driving too. I had to take rest compulsory and the medicines which will bring down the BP. But unfortunately, the BP was not coming to normal.  Any music, any film, was not making me feel relaxed. I could not complete to post dedicated to second birthday of Gurukripa.

08 July 2012

Devotional Photo Journey: Vitthala Darshan

Now, we are in third year of Gurukripa and the first new experiment in this year is Devotion and Indian culture presented in Power Point slides. Our first show is on Vitthala Darshan on Devashayani Ekadashi which is already in the form of article.  This PPT is explaining the Bhaktiyoga in simplest ever form. You will love to know Lord Vitthala.

06 July 2012

True Feelings

This week's prompt for Haiku Heights is True. Sharing some true feelings.

true sides of                                                          
love; sacrifice and
lasting trust                                              

true lines told by rain;
I am showering the love
of mother nature

words true to 
one's heart; makes the life

P. S. : Some important posts are delayed due to unexpected situations around. I am trying to back with the same zest soon...:). 

01 July 2012

Vitthala Darshana on Devshayani Ekadashi

Yesterday was the Devashayani Ekadashi and we call it the big Ekadashi. This is the day of Pandharupur Vari, Pandarpur Pilgrimage, the time to meet Vitthala. Lord Shrikrishna is known as Vitthala. He is black, and I don’t’ know what magic HE has, everybody in Maharashtra is mad today to meet HIM. The pilgrims go walking to reach Pandharpur.

I am in a small city, Maharashtra and though I can’t reach to Pandharpur, I decided to go to Vitthala temple in Dhule. I decided to wake up and reach there at 5 to 6 AM. But I couldn’t manage it, I reached in the scorching sun at almost 11 AM. Before going there, I was tensed and a big irritated due to some problems. My two wheeler also had problems. And somehow, I just went in Not – So – Devotional mood.

30 June 2012

Why Did You Leave?

Inspired by the theme at

your support was the
reason to 'live'; why did you
leave beautiful life?

Dedicated to the loved ones who has left this beautiful life! :(  and to those loved ones who left my life...:(.  My success and life is incomplete without them.

This week's theme was Support. 

29 June 2012

201st Golden Page on Gurukripa

Namaste Brothers and Sisters,

Today my fingers are writing the 201st Golden Page on Gurukripa. Gurukripa is not just a word for me, it’s not just a name for me, Gurukripa is not just a blog for me.

Gurukripa is my life and my life is Gurukripa, complete Gurukripa.

23 June 2012


Inspired by the Theme at

This week's prompt : Wisdom

clouds without the rain
is just like wisdom without 

20 June 2012

Unseen Face of Life

This is the love story of Priya and her dreams.

Priya returned to home by some shopping, not anything big, important or tiring. Still, she felt tired a lot. As usual she took her dearest coffee and naturally opened the Facebook.

“Such a happy girl. Always cheerful.” 

This was the feeling of almost everybody around her, her friends or enemies. Everybody used to feel envy with her life and the way she was enjoying every moment of life.

19 June 2012

The Paradise Destroyed by Snake……

This poem is dedicated to the common people of India - Bharat who have faced the communal violence.

We have been given 10 words which should be in the poem at least once in any order, the words are,

1. torn
2. pride
3. snake
4. arrow
5. verse
6. passion
7. cheat
8. paradise
9. evening
10. riot

16 June 2012

Most Special - Ordinary

The ordinary things become so special and divine, by the love of Nature, Almighty, Parmeshwar, Sadguru, whichever name we give to the Supreme Power of this world, It makes everything divine.

Inspired by the theme at

The ordinary 
water drops are most special
touch of first rain

ordinary life
becomes the divinity 
the Gurukripa

What is Gurukripa? I felt this when I saw the word 'Ordinary' the prompt from Haiku Heights.

10 June 2012

Nature's Smile (Hynaku)

Who doesn't love to smile?

Who can't love smile?

A very light, simple and sweet poem in the Hynaku which will make you smile....

07 June 2012

Locked Moments

Namaste friends! I am so sorry, I just vanished without any message from past few weeks. I was under stress with some other health issues, so I couldn't meet you all, couldn’t read your blogs and couldn't write anything.

I am back with a new chain of Haiku, on prompt Lock.

Inspired by the theme at

15 May 2012

Narada Bhakti Sutra -1

Namaste Brothers and Sisters!

By blessings of H. H. Shri Sadgurudeva, by the blessings, guidance of Shri. Kalki Sharma Guruji, who is just like Sadgurudeva for me, by blessings of H. H. Swami Mrigendra Saraswati who has blessed me and this blog by following and by blessings of all of you, from today, starting to a new series on Gurukripa. This is the detailed Vyakhya, the meaning and elaboration of Narada Bhakti Sutra. I am not a Gyani or a Great Devotee. To write on Narada Bhakti Sutra, I must have the devotion like Devarshi Narada, but I am such an ordinary person, if I think to do something for the devotion of Lord Krishna, I stop without even thinking further.

14 May 2012

Rain of Hopes

Behind mask of dark 
clouds; rain of hopes is present
just wait some moments

Every darkness, all the bad days end with a new beginning which is fresh like fresh pure rain. We should wait for just few moments....

This Haiku is the part of Haiku Heights for the prompt MASK

12 May 2012

Thoughts to Samadhi

Poem from negative thoughts, depression to Samadhi. 

All the colors of rainbow
Are looking shaded by Gray and black today!
Why ….?
Why ……so?

06 May 2012

What Is My Identity? Who Is 'The Me'?

My blogging pal with pen name The Fool and author of the wonderful blog : Lucifer House Inc. has suggested the topic, 'The Basis of Your Identity - Caste, Language, Country, Profession or Ideals' And I liked this very much, because 'Who is Me? ' is the eternal question which bothers everybody. 

The spiritual journey starts with this question.  Today of Buddha Jayanti - The prince Siddhartha left his kingdom to realize his identity was restless by the same question and who has become Buddha – The Enlightened after the realization of the answer. Also, today is Narada Jayanti, and Narada is the Sage who has enlightened countless lives.  I am happy to share the thoughts on this question ‘Who is ‘Me?’ very auspicious day.

30 April 2012

Dreams' Sunrise

Haiku Heights April 2012 challenge last day with prompt : Zest

sunrise with
golden rays; zest for
dreams' new hopes

(3-5-3 syllable form)

The morning and sunrise always bring hopes. I feel every sunrise very special, because I get a new life and new opportunity, one more day to work to make my dreams come true. I love dreams and hopes, sometimes when I get depressed, watching sunrise always make me start my efforts with hope again. 

This pic is taken by my brother Dyanesh, and I love the colors sun is expressing.  

29 April 2012

Beauty of Life

Today for the Haiku Heights April Challenge 2012 topic is of our choice, so I thought to write on 'Certain' . 

I hope all the participants and readers will like this. 

the beauty certain 
in life is the 'Change'; endless 
beauty of nature

Nature's cycle goes on, so on the changes and this is the certain beauty of life.

Haiku Heights Challenge
life changer for me; found the
holy chants in words

Sanskrit spiritual verses are small, but they have great deep meaning and power, so they are very divine, I realized the same beauty while writing the shortest poem like Haiku. We had different prompts to write and while writing I discovered the same beauty of Advaita philosophy, devotion, spirituality in the prompts given. I can't express the bliss I am feeling, while participating and reading the Haiku from all the great poets. Tomorrow will be last day of April, I will never forget this first Haiku Challenge and April 2012 month. 

I wish to thank all the poets, for encouraging me and for sharing their wonderful Haiku and thoughts. Beautiful journey indeed.

28 April 2012


These lines are dedicated to my Sadgurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj, who has made me free from confusions and illusions of mind which we call as 'Maya' according to Indian Spirituality.

clarity of thoughts
you gave the depth of knowledge
enlightened with bliss

Written for Haiku Heights April 2012 Challenge for the prompt Clarity

27 April 2012

Is Temptation Wrong?

Today's prompt for Haiku Heights April challenge 2012 is Temptation.

is temptation wrong
always? total confusion
temptation this is

When we feel doing something is wrong, but mind can't resist the temptation, mind find excuses just like above. 

26 April 2012

A Dedication To Adi Shankaracharya

A dedication to Adi Shankaracharya on Shankaracharya Jayanti.

Your life is the most sacred hymn
What can I write to praise you, then!

Jai Jai Shankar

Today Vaishakh Shukla Panchami is the birth anniversary – Jayanti of Jagadguru – Guru of the world Adi Shankaracharya. Bharat (India) is the only land, from where people didn’t conquer the world by bloodshed but by the love, by spreading the supreme knowledge – The Gyana. Adi Shankaracharya has spread the Advaita philosophy. 

Life is Melody

life is melody
of your flute now; your sweet smile
sings song of our love

Written for Haiku Heights April 2012 challenge for the prompt : Melody

25 April 2012

Kismet Is It?

Today's prompt is Kismet for Haiku heights' April 2012 challenge.

can't write single word
for the haiku heights' challenge 
is it the kismet?

is it the kismet?
thinking is wastage of life
try and find success

try and find success
experience dreams as real
write your own kismet

write your own kismet
looks easy to preach; but it's
easy to practice

easy to practice
forgetting kismet; tried once
just see the success

just see the success
a chain of haiku; like spring
bloom, kismet is it?

24 April 2012


Today's prompt for April challenge 2012 of Haiku Heights is Bliss

Blooming flower

spring with new sunrise
watching the blooming flowers
each one gifts me bliss

spreading millions of
smiles; life's every moment 
I am complete bliss

And this one is dedicated to all Haiku Poets

reading and writing 
haiku flowers during spring
bliss, bliss and just bliss

23 April 2012


Blue sky mesmerizes 
mind and thoughts; all the feelings
just become the bliss

mesmerizing sky
reflection of heart; reaching
the eternal height

Prompt : Mesmerize

22 April 2012

Sweet Song

Today sharing a different form of poem known as hay(na)ku. This has three lines like Haiku, and what special it has....let's see. Many of my friends think that I am too serious, so today, something light, yet deep and sweet to read, 

Love You
Sweetest three words


Still Emotions

'still' waiting for you
walking with life; pain and smile
'still' and still moving


still awake in night
for new thoughts; searching the spring
freshness in the dark


still I love you with
hopeful heart; never broken
awaiting always


she is still scared by
that trauma; abuse ruined her
flourishing sweet life

Physical, verbal, emotional, financial any kind of abuse is enough to ruin the life. Most of the times stories of victims are hidden, because they can't find courage to share their torture.

21 April 2012


scared by cool touch
in dark; serendipity
raindrop in summer

This happens with me always..:)

lost voice, expressions
serendipity; listened
voice of poetry

Due to weakness, I couldn't talk for some months, and in those days, I realized the importance of silence. Blessed to write poems since I had lost my voice. Of course I started talking (as usual too much) after 3-4 months. 

Written for Prompt Serendipity

20 April 2012

Renovating Lives

guilty feelings and 
regrets; surrender to God

Haiku Renovated Mind

Today's haiku is the dedication to Heiku heights, for creating beautiful world of haiku poets..

bored with hot summer
haiku heights - renovation
of the depressed mind

Thanks Leo and all the poets who are participating in Haiku Heights, who are reading, writing and everybody..thanks.
Today's prompt for day 20 : Renovation.

19 April 2012

Black and White

This poem is written for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) day Nineteenth. The prompt is to write an opposite words poem from original one. Yesterday, I shared white and today is the opposite, means black and white both

purity and bliss
mixed with peace; becomes the 'white'
light of the 'Gyana'


With Opposite words and meaning

confusion and sadness
mixed with anxiety; becomes the 'black' 
night of 'Agyana'

Depression is nothing but the Agyana, oppsite to Gyana, where we feel we are nothing, forgetting our Shivaswaroop.
PS : Second one is not Haiku, just a short poem.
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