Poem: The Powers Hidden in Unknown

The fear of unknown dominates our entire life. The poem on the powers hidden in the unknown is about fears. The prompt 'fear' is suggested by @micromprompt. (Twitter handle).

Fear ― The energy, 
the force 
challenging you to dare
Open the doors of 
Possibilities, treasures, risks, 
... and Power. 
Unlock power 
Facing fears.

The first thought flashed in my mind when I read the word 'fear' was the fear of the unknown. Many times our fears are irrational. Sometimes they involve some amount of risks. We are taught to live in the safe zone since our birth by our society. Taking risks to choose an uncommon path is discouraged by the people around us even if it doesn't involve serious risk. The fears slowly begin to dominate our decisions. We tend to avoid even little risks by the habit of avoiding fears. 

My big fear of the unknown in recent years was driving down highways. I knew I can do it if I ride despite my fear.  Still, I always wanted to dare. The moment I dared the thrill for the first time, a few years back, the feeling of fear instantly got replaced by a feeling strong power. Fear is a form of energy that can be converted into possibilities, success if we face them. Since then I've adopted a habit to do something which I fear to do if it will make my life better. Highway drives are risky. My attempts to explore the highways developed after assessing the risks involved and preparing myself mentally to push my limits. It didn't happen in one day. 

There are plenty of tasks, decisions challenging us every day. We procrastinate or avoid many of them simply because our mind does not want to go into the unknown zone. I tend to do so many times, though I practice facing my fears every day. Not even in the imagination. By the poem, I do not mean to encourage anybody taking risks just for the sake of taking risks. The fears which are born from known threats and when we know the potential damage or loss should be avoided at any cost. I do not take risks when fears are valid.


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  1. Test comment by Arti My Yatra Diary

  2. Such inspiring empowering words, Mohini! Facing our fears to feel the power of freedom - how wonderful is that. I can absolutely resonate with your words, very well explained - this is one poem I will take a print out of and keep it close in my drawer. Thanks for sharing your story too dear.

    1. Thank you dear Arti for encouraging words. Glad that you felt the poem resonated with you.


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