31 January 2011

i hate to Love You!

Lord Swaminarayan (Left) - Who made me mad!
To the right is Gunateetananda swami His Disciple. 
This is the photo from BAPS SWAMINARAYAN Temple in Dhule , my small city. I can't go there now, due to some reasons.....and very sad....missing Him

i hate You 
i love You a lot

i don't wanna talk wid You
i wanna say so many things.....
i just can't express

i don't feel anything about You
i always cry for You,Honey!

i don't miss u at all
Coz.... Coz....
Now my mind is only You Honey!

Sometimes i feel very Sad..
Coz ..
Love is very very Bad!

Now, i don't wanna Love
Don' t wanna love You at all,
I am the Love , Now...
The Complete Love....

And Listen!

I don't want anything from You OK?
You are my everything Honey!


Plz don't love Me! OK?



i have alreay lost myself in Your Love!
Now, i can't say a single word of Love


my tears are expressing their 
Joy in the Love

Yes! i am died, myself 
my ego is no more!

Now i m in the New Life
where You are the only Love!

Are these feelings ....opposite the fire and freezee.?.No! No! not at all!

The extreme stage of Love can be supreme love only, Divine Love only...full of Bliss and Peace. The Love in which Saint Meera was mad, Suradasji was mad, Goswamiji (Goswami Tulasidasji ) was mad..Aandal was mad..Yes! She was so mad and forgot everything, that.. She used to wear Garland made for The God before the God and believe it or not The God proposed Her and She married with Him.,,..at that this stage ...i don't have brain....and logic..Everything is possible when You are in Love. Thanks to Geetapress where i get all this ...and more about Aandal i found Here in Divya Darshanam  thanks to Saravanan, who shared this wonderful information.

14 January 2011

Then The God Speaks......

Hello Friends ! Namaste ! And Happy Makarasankranti to you all ! This is very sweet day because in Maharashta we say....."Til Gul Ghya and God God Bola ! "  in Marathi! We give each other Laddus (sweet dish)of Til (Seasome Seeds) and Gud (Jaggery) and decide to forget all the fights and promise to have only sweet sweet talks.... This is the meaning of above wish. On such a sweet day I am born so I love this day most .This year Makaersankranti is on tomorrow - 15th Jan! And my B'day is today so a special today because I am gonna celebrate this B'day with all of you! Thanks to Blogging addiction.. and Blogger who give us oppprtunity to have a free website.

I have someone special with me on my B'day! Yes ! Who else of course The God ! Ya ! He is with me here..don't believe?......wait ......you will!

From some days I have a very interesting, deep and wonderful discussion with Priyadarshi my co- blogger on  B -Friends and of course my B - Friend. The question is,

 "Does The God exist ?"

If you ask me do you trust The God..... I can't say anything.. I don't know all this...coz I never thought this question.....because He loves me and He trusts me a lot. My Beloved Sadgurudeva H. H. Narayankaka Maharaj trusts me. The God never leaves me alone, so I never got the time to think on this. And in love brain doesn't work.......only thing which works is the heart and even we can not control it!

But this is not my experience alone.....Coz He is always with you and speaks with you......
Don't agree wid me......?

Today is my B'day and All these are the words coming from the soul...while all the incidents in my life , different forms of love..purest love when the God came to meet in all those forms.......the care ....the sorrows..the separations ..........all going just like a movie.....My Sadguru..my Granny, My Brothers..all the friends from my childhood met just like angel...everything moving...upto today........

My Dearest Sadgurudeva! You made this life the Purest One.

When the Soul Speaks
Purity of The Heart
When the Touch Speaks
Purity of The Love
When the Voice Speaks
Care of Your Soul
When the Smile Speaks
Love of The Love
Then Speaks The God
Then Speaks The God

"I Love You!"

" I Love YOU!!"

When The Eyes Speak
More than The Words
When The Love Speaks
More than The Words
When The Tears Speak
More than The Words
Then The God Speaks
Then The God Speaks

"I Miss You!"

 "I Miss YOU!!"

When the Friends Lough
Like a Mad Together
When The Friends shed Tears
More than a Mad Together
Then The God Speaks
In The Hearts of Friends
Then The God Speaks
In The Hearts of Friends
When your Friend says 'Bye'
and U can't control the Tears
Then The God Speaks
from Your Eyes..in The Tears
When U get angry with your Friend
Just turn Ur Face and decide to break it Forever
Coming home Cry in the Bed Lonely..
Then the Tears Write on Your Pillow...

"I love You!"

" I love YOU!"

And The God speaks in Your Heart

"I Love You ..Heyyy! I Love YOU..!"

And when Your Eyes can not See Anything
Coz of these Tears.....
Then The God speaks...

"I am Here!"


 Dearest Sadgurudeva! You gave me this beautiful Life!
You shown me the beauty of life!
Today! On this B'day this flower of life....
It's Every Breath Dedicated to You Only! 
 You Shown me the The God - The Divine Love! 

P.S.: "This Poem has been written for BLOGJUNTA NaPoWriMo"  Here is the link of that happening place where we get new inspirations to write more and more. www.blogjunta.com.

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12 January 2011

Swami Vivekananda - On the Education System

Happy National Youth Day to all of you! I am really sorry, I am too late today! I had on article Let's B -Friends on our Group Blog B -Friends, on this very special day ..Swami Vivekananda's Birthday (Jayanti) . Please do check that out also, I am sure you will like it a lot!  So very very late here today.

From my childhood I am always got attracted by the Divya and Powerful words by Swamiji. They are always like the rays of Morning Sun....destroying all the darkness of the night.......His words always destroys all the thoughts of depression and brings new hope and a divine power in the life. If we read His words we feel Swamiji with us even today.

01 January 2011

The New Decade of Divine Love..

|| Shri Shri Gurave Namaha || 

Namaste All the Readers and Bloggers !

Wish you a very happy new year!

May this year be the Blessed year for you and not only the year but the decade and the life too!

May every moment of life be full of Divine Love and Peace of Mind!
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