April Poetry Month Day 21 Poem: Ask Questions

The theme for the 21st day of April is 'Questions'.

Ask questions
before believing anything blindly
ask questions
before following anybody blindly
ask questions
before obeying blindly

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Ask questions
tough questions
those making the controller uncomfortable
why? why? why?
ask why?
truth will be unearthed
truth is the power

a few dare to ask
those who ask
they live
they lead the life of a purpose

a few dare to ask
those who refuse to obey blindly
begin a change in the world

it’s not a war to fight with anybody
it’s not a movement with huge risks

a little willingness
a little courage
to ask questions
can begin a change

when you see the injustice
when you see the truth is buried under the power

Ask questions
it’s your right
you can ask
and you should

refuse to accept lies silently
or you'll be silenced

Ask questions
before you will be silenced
ask questions

questions are the power of resistance!
questions are the force
to challenge the wrongdoings
they shake the tyrant

a dead person doesn’t ask questions
a sycophant doesn’t seek answers
but they don't live either

the one who dares to ask

the moment you choose silence
surrendering the controller
you’re finished before your end

Ask questions
To live
To live the power you're born to live

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