Poem: Paint Your Day

Paint your days
in the hues of your heart

Days meet us
blank and colorless,

Dark and gloomy,
bright and happy,

Soft and smooth to wear,
hard and tough to bear

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Some days rise with no emotion,
full of emptiness
present you the opportunity to colorize'em
in the hues of your heart's kingdom

Choose your colors,
decide your emotions,
be curious, select hope
get excited to begin your painting

Choose the crayons of your actions,
pick the brushes of your
determination, perseverance, and ambitions

Recognize your taste,
to paint your fate

Feel the colors to live them.

Choose your colors carefully
Never accept the colors your heart doesn't nod to

Let the black work as a beauty spot on your life.
Let the abundance of white peace brighten your days.

Blend love in each day with the roses --
red, white, yellow, pink, saffron --
Love, with its all shades and tints

Calm'em with the blue of skies and oceans
Heal'em with the plain silvery mizzle

Cross hatch the dull with the dark green of tree leaves and
the dull days will smile,

Fill a new vigor in them with the brushstrokes of golden sunrays
Stipple'em for your happiness

Etch a curve of a smile on the face of everyone you meet
With your own crayons of love and kindness

The child in your heart
Loves to splash all the colors
paint the days and nights - unrestrained

Days together compose your life,
Each of them forms
the actuality of your selfhood.

Adorn your life with colorful days
Your life'll wear all the days you paint

Let it shine and smile with
the rainbow of your soul's colors.


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