PAD Challenge Day 9 Poem: Redefine Your Lifestyle

PAD challenge day 9 writer's digest prompt is 'work'. Work has many aspects and so variety of poems can be written on this topic.  

I was a workaholic person and was proud of it. This habit can lead to burn out. When I realized where I was going wrong and I redefined my lifestyle and yes! there isn't anything to feel proud about it. Now, I work more and but rarely get tired. Just a simple poem on this positive and productive change.

work work work
stresses, deadlines and competition
lead to burn out
redefine lifestyle 
and enjoy your work,
work what you love,
love what you work
difficult and impossible sometimes
know what you love
set goals that you love
working what you love
not fun always
loving what you have to work
isn’t difficult always
just try
bring the change
bring the heart
bring the devotion
work till you love it
world will love it
work till you enjoy it
love your work
don’t stretch your limits
set boundaries
don’t ignore fatigue
love enough sleep
love your health 
love your work
take breaks
long or short
and both
don’t skip them
love your work
and the world will love it

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