Poem: Tasteless Taste

For PAD challenge Day 5 thought to write poems on Writer's Digest prompt only. Writing more poems becomes difficult sometimes. Also, we have taken many serious topics for poems. Let's enjoy something lighter today.  The topic suggested by Robert Brewer today is vegetable

So, here is the poem today, 

hate them to eat
hate them to cook
hate to even think about them
hate to taste their tasteless taste
this summer
every summer
yes! those vegetables
hate them to see 
I am happy with my ice-cream :-)

don't tell me  their importance
don't force me to eat them
don't tell me I'll be weak
don't talk about them
I am not a child
don't tell me what to eat
I am happy with my ice-cream

the coolest taste
I enjoy
the cool feeling
I love
the taste of the tastes
it has
I am happy with my ice-cream

Please take this poem lightly and eat a lot of vegetables, love them and love ice-cream as well.  :-)