PAD Challenge Day 13 Poem: Confessions to Clear Confusions

PAD day 13 challenge is, yeah! we have reached  the day 13, 'confessions'Today, I am sharing my feelings about ideal friendship. 

Nowadays, because of extensive use of the social media and messenger services, we all now have the freedom to express our political  opinions. Political parties are also using these platforms to reach out more and more people. 

The negative aspect of this is that our friendships are getting affected. I remember, some years back when we didn't have Facebook or Twitter, friendships and relationships were safer and closer. People used to support BJP or Congress or any other political party, but that wasn't a issue in their friendship. It pains me deeply to see how we have lost those days. 

And, the fanaticism and bitterness isn't just limited to politics or religion, now it has taken the worse mode, may it be about films, about following celebrities, about cricket or may it just be any unimportant issue. Bitterness has harmed the friendships. I closed my personal Facebook profile, for this very reason, this intolerance towards differing views of our own friends.  

thought to confess something
though you didn’t ask

questions bothering your mind
hesitating? let me tell you

some confessions to clear your confusions
my opinions, my beliefs and  lifestyle
may surprise you

my thoughts, my poems
may make you question

you have frames in your mind
trying to find the right for me?

you are not alone
most of us do the same

labels taught by the society,
our experiences and our mind

you want to give one of them for me?
which will be the right fit?
for me?

forget frames and stereotypes
look at the sky

i am there
right wing, left wing and the center

you can’t find me precisely in any one of them
my thoughts and beliefs have wings

for my nation
for compassion
for humanity

politics, lifestyle, or work style
thoughts get rotten
if not modified and questioned
validation is must

for me
for the betterment of my life
for the betterment of my country
for the betterment of this world

i am like a river
fresh amiable thoughts for
fair play
not a blind follower of anybody

yes! i follow my heart and my brain
which raises questions! 

yes! i am a freethinker
isn’t that also a label?
i am beyond it!

my agreement or disagreement
with you
won’t affect our friendship

i may argue with you
but that’s not the war of ego for me

friendship doesn’t have ego battle!
i respect you and your thoughts

and that’s what i like
in friendship

i love debates
but not at the cost of friendship

my confession today is
let’s be best friends
for friendship 

be yourself i love it
i am without any mask on my face
you’ll love it

let’s respect each other
true to oneself
let’s cherish our friendship
for the honor of friendship

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  1. Wow! Very inspiring. So much power there is, in this poem - Divine energy!

    1. Thank you much DS for your wonderful comment. Glad to know you liked the poem. :-)