Poem-A-Day Challenge 2015

The poetry month, the month of April has begun and poets are participating in Poem-A-Day challenge. As I wrote in the earlier poem, a new poem every day, we are also going to celebrate the PAD challenge.

I’ll be posting one or more poems every day based on a prompt or theme and ideas I have chosen for this month. My effort will be to write a poem on the prompts suggested by online organizers of PAD like writer’sdigest.

Poems can be short poems, long poems, haiku, micropoetry or any other form. What is important is to write a poem per day.  The poems, as usual, will be based on real or fictional story, imaginary situation, a scene, nature, emotions, spiritual, and some beautiful concept not thought or written yet.

The main purpose of this challenge is to write one poem per day.

So, ready for the PAD challenge?

Let’s celebrate poetry!