PAD Challenge Day 16 Poem: The Science of Poems

The challenge for the day, sixteenth of April PAD event, is a science poem. Today's dedication is to great poets and their great poems. So, what I thought scientifically is that... 

check out today's poem,

science! all it is!
love, tears, fears and joy,
anger, sorrow and stress

yeah! it all come from the brain
emotions, distress and anxiety
depression, yes! all of them
brain is behind the emotions

and the heart?
the heart gives us life,
fresh beats carrying fresh blood
give us fresh life
every moment
the science of the life

a poem telling you
a poet is telling you

but, can anybody define
the science of poems?

how poems are born,
and new worlds are created
how new words are born,
and new emotions are created
in the hearts of the readers
and the writers
and the poets

how you and me,
how we all get mesmerized?
the science of poems?
can anybody define?

is it brain or the heart?
or the gift of the god?
who writes poems?

poets and poems
poetic charm in simple words

the words of day-to-day life
who brings this beauty

the earth, the sun and the moon
or the mars?

or a completely new world
creation of the poet?

can anybody define 
the science of poems?

poems are born
but they don’t have death

poets are born
but they are immortal

can anybody explain
the new cycle of birth
and rebirth of poems
without death?

the science behind poems?
can anybody explain
can anybody express?

yes! only a poet
only poems can express 
the science behind the poems…

poems are born
with the science of poems

poems are born
from the infinite world of creativity
from the science of poems
that only poems know

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