Poem: This Fairy Tale of 'You and Me'

Today's poem for the PAD challenge day 7 is a love poem, a sweet and incomplete love story. A poem about love and the unwilling separation.

thinking to write a new poem
the day we met for the first time
and the day when this story began
the dream we had never before
of a fairy tale someday will enchant
a poem when this story began

you entered my life and became my love
who wrote this story and how it grew
you became my sunshine
and I forgot all the blues

you loved me deeply
and I gave my heart, my soul to you
you talked so sweetly 
and my heart beats stopped

your words were magic wand
gifted my life with a fairy tale
like the beautiful lotus in a pond

you are so pure
can't forget you ever

will you come to me?
dreaming to live this fairy tale
the gift just 'you and me'

I am incomplete without you
still crying every moment
since I parted from you

was it our destiny 
or just a misunderstanding?
O dear! You have the magic wand
just reverse everything

your love's calling you
can you hear my voice?
don't you hear your name
I am chanting in every breath?

you began this fairy tale
I surrender my wish, my soul to you
end this story or 
let's live this gift 'you and me'

Will they reunite?

Let's wish the magic wand of love may bring happy ending to this story, by the beginning of a new life. 

Started writing this poem without any idea in mind, and kept writing till the end, I was in tears while writing separation part, but sad or sweet I loved this poem very much. 

PS: When I post sad poems sometimes I recieve messages and e-mails asking about why I wrote so and what did happen? Just want to share, poems are poems for the love of poetry. 

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