PAD Challenge Day 22 Poem: Summer Storm

It's PAD Challenge day 22 today. And, Mr Robert Lee Brewer has suggested to write a poem on nature. As we have hot Indian summer to inspire us, I thought to dedicate a poem to the scorching sun.

Dhule has crossed 40 degree Celsius temperature this week and it's terribly hot here. Here is a poem, how summer affects our emotional health.

irritation rises with
increasing  temperature
those unknown reasons
keep thoughts agitating in the heat
burning thoughts in the burning sun
sudden attack of all the sorrows
in head
with whom should i fight?
my anger or my tears?
or the rain of thoughts?
oh blistering sun!
why do you harm me so much?
that cute name for your heat effect
‘summer blues’ harm our health
while you enjoy burning our lives
do you really enjoy this?

or my anger just want to blame you now?