PAD Challenge Day 15 Poem: Black

PAD day 15 challenge is to write a poem on an adjective, including the adjective in the title of the poem. I have a poem on my favorite 'black', hope you'll love it.  

they say,
"black means negativity
  black is dark
  black are clouds
  black is depression
  black is all negative"
I say,
"i love black
  i love black
  for me
  black is Krishna
  i love Him
  black is Mahakali
  she is our mother
  black are clouds
  they have rains
  rains of hopes
  black is night
  beautiful and dreamy
  black is dark
  darkness for sleep
  i  love black
  black is fresh
  black is beautiful
  black is soothing
  black is calming 
  black mesmerizes me
  black is positive
  black makes me happy
  black is positive
  at least for me
  black is positive"

So the point that I want to raise is, I find it hard to accept predefined perceptions. Black is the biggest example of the perceptions which are mostly the way to see the things in black and white. Life is more than just black and white. Black is symbolized as negative and so the people who love it are perceived as negative. I don't know if it can be proved scientifically the negative effect of black, but I feel, all colors are beautiful, just like the life. :-) 

Also, today is Varoothini Ekadashi, so wanted to write something about Krishna. I am happy, couldn't think, anything other than the 'Black' today. 

Did you notice? We just completed 15 days of this month, half of the journey is traveled already. I am sure, you are enjoying the poem-a-day challenge. 

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