PAD Challenge Day 12 Poem: Damaged Sleep

The prompt for PAD challenge day 12, suggested by Robert Lee Brewer is 'damage'. For this challenge I am posting my first thoughts, for most of the days, when I read about the prompt. When I read about damage, I couldn't think anything other than sleep. Here is a poem for the challenge,

damaged sleep
can’t weave new dreams

O  Krishna! give me solace
still writing poems passionately
O Krishna! it's your grace

how ideas strike
and words bloom

when I am tired
O Krishna! all your blessings

when my fingers stop 
dancing on the keyboard

when my fingers stop
romancing the pen

when what I can only think is,
'wrote the last best poem I could write,
how will I bring new poem, tomorrow?'

and the very instant
heart lands in another dreamland

the land of your love and blessings
new poems are born like 
like twinkling stars

fingers ready to dance again
and before I fall asleep

new poems are flourished
O Krishna! just see your magic
began with damaged sleep
searching for solace in your flute

began to write a micropoem
praying hard for the solace

O Krishna! just see your magic
my damaged sleep is now 
the song of your love 

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