PAD Challenge Day 6 Poem: The 'Me' in My Poems

We are here today on the day 6 of PAD challenge. I have chosen 30 topics for this month and I am enjoying writing for Writer's Digest challenge as well. Today, I mixed my plan to write about poems with the Writer's Digest PAD day 6 topic. It is about writing a things-not-as-they-appear poem. This is challenging and I thought to write about me and my poems and mainly about how much 'me' is present in my poems. I am sure, you'll enjoy today's poem. 

love and separation
joy, pain and grief
what I love to write
depression, fear and 
the definition of happiness
what my poems love to tell you 
humanity and terrorism
patriotism and universal brotherhood
my poems don’t know boundaries
religion, culture and nature
and beyond everything
the philosophy for a happy life
poems about my life, my emotions and my heart
and reflection of your life, your emotions and your heart
our lives....we all as friends..
and then poems just for the sake of poetry
that’s all? poems are beyond material frames
it's all about 
what I love to write
and what you love to read
poems are me
'me', not the poems completely
poems are my life
‘my’ life isn't just what you read in my poems
what’s real, what’s fiction, what’s just imagination
you don't know 
even I don't know completely
poems are just poems
for the love of poetry
my mind  is the emotion I am writing
it’s detached despite being attached
that’s what Krishna taught us
that’s what BhagwadGeeta teaches us
that’s what all my poems are telling you
I am real
I am original
I am not what you feel from my poems
I am different
I am unique
I am not fake
my emotions are not fake
my poems and my heartfelt words are not fake
my love and tears are not fake
you’ll be confused
if you judge me
you’ll be more confused
if you judge my life
by my poems
you'll lose poem's message
you will love them
if you enjoy them
for the sake of poetry
you'll forget everything
if you read them 
for the love of poetry
poems are me
poems aren't really me! 

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