Poem: My fight for The Justice…I am winning!

Writer's digest prompt for PAD day 1 is resistance. A poem for a courageous woman fighting for justice alone,

they are stalking
they are threatening
every day!
their eyes are on me
where I go
what I do
whom I talk with
whom I meet
who loves me
whom I love
how I work
how I relax
every day for years
every day from morning to evening
my phone calls,
my  casual chats
my grocery shopping
my exercise
my travel
my even my silent tears
they are cruel
I am calm
they want to break me
I am growing strong
they scare me
I am growing tough
they want to break me
my courage
my silent courage hits back
quietly! my confident eyes retaliate
years are passing
they have power
I have the courage
they have money
I have the strength of truth with me
years are passing
life is going on
I am alone
I am a woman
a weak human
what they believe
I am a woman
easy and safe to threaten
easy to break
what they thought
I am alone
they are many
with ugly cruel faces and bikes
their cars
crossing me on every square
loaded guns
around me
I am alone
calm and fearless
working bravely
'I can’t have weapon'
they thought
it’s easy to kill me
they thought
they planned
it’s easy to kill me
their threats
my fears
I will die
with fear
"no proof, no crime!"
they laughed!
their power laughed at the innocent woman
what they assumed
when they began
when they began
years have passed
I have my weapon
my courage
my strength
my eyes with confidence
“dare to look at me
and the whole world will know your crime”
my eyes tell them
yes! I am alone
they are many
still my eyes tell them,
“the world is with me
you are losing this game.”
my fight for justice
with growing courage
they are scared
their weapons are weak now
years are passing
fight is going on
war for justice is going on
by a woman alone
without any help
without any weapon
with the monsters
injustice is being defeated
their ugly  aggressive faces
look worried now
my war for justice
with calm courage
they stalked
they snooped for years
I was calm when it all began
I am calm even today
my fight for justice
my fight for freedom
my fight for my rights
though soundless for this world
I am winning every day
this game
they are losing
every day
I am winning
with the power of courage
I am winning
this game
for my freedom
for my justice
for my rights!
my courage
is winning
my life is winning
my eyes are winning!