Poem: Missing You My Sweet Sis Sanchita

One more poem dedicated to some special moments and memories. This poem is dedicated to my dear Facebook friend and my sister Sanchita Biswas, who left this world a few years back.  

missing you my sweet sis
your warmth and love
your caring words
your sweet blog comments
missing you my sweet sis

your sweet voice
like Bengali sweets
your sweet encouragement
for writing poems
and your sweet sweet poems
missing you my sweet sis

your sweet friendship
your support
and sharing those secrets
missing you my sweet sis

that cruel moment
you left all of us
i was shattered
sweet love of a sweet sis
i felt i lost it forever

my dearest sweet sis
your love’s still in my heart
though missing you a lot
you’re always in my heart
my sweet sis, my sweet Sanchu Di!

After her demise, I had tried to avoid expressing the grief for all these years. Sanchita Di was such a darling, her voice was very sweet, and so was her nature. She used to encourage me, she used to love my poems, and her comments were so sweet, just incredible! She was a great poet and her poetry had a depth of the subtle emotions which we often fail to recognize and express.

Today by writing and cherishing the moments with her in a poem, I am feeling free from one more sorrow. 

I am sure, if she would read this month’s poems by me, she would be super happy, she would love them all and comment almost every day.