PAD Challenge Day 24 Poem: Those Simple Moments

Today is the 24th day of April month and our poem-a-day challenge. Only six days are remaining after this poem. Today's writer's digest suggestion is to write a moment poem. A poem dedicated to some simple moments which became the most precious ones.

that simple moment
your simple joke
my laughter
that simple chat
those simple questions
and those cute answers
two strangers
and one simple moment
made us friends - soul mates

every moment with you
just a simple moment with you
you made it so special for me
those simple moments
are most special moments

those silly fights,
and those anxious moments
your witty remarks
and those simple smiles
special memories of my life
those simple moments
are most special moments

those simple discussions
and sweet arguments
without ego battle
those simple moments with you
are so special moments for me
those simple moments
are most special moments

writing those simple moments,
those special memories
am smiling again…
those simple moments
those precious moments with you

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  1. So beautifully written dear Mohini, simple yet powerfully touching... we spend so much time of our life running after material comforts and all those stupid things that have no real worth and yet it's only the simple sweet moments like the ones you described above that eventually make memories that make us smile - for life :)