PAD Challenge Day 29 Poem: Truth - Do You Want To Know It?

Today is the 29th day of the Poem-A-Day challenge. Can you believe it? We are going to complete 29th day today together in the journey of poems. Today's challenge, by Writer's Digest, is to write a 'what nobody knows' poem. So, today's poem is about the truth that nobody knows. Yes! The truth which is not obvious, do you want to know it?

truth do we know it?
do we really know it?
what is truth?
what is the truth behind the truth?

what nobody knows
an unseen face
an unheard voice
behind the suppressed truth
what is truth?
and what is the truth behind the truth?

truth isn't that what is seen
truth isn't 'only' that what is 
seen, told or heard

what nobody knows
truth has many faces
not just the one that we want to see

what shines isn't always the bright truth
darker side is hidden
the darker side which we hate to see

truth is the light
the light thrown on the dark
or the dark thrown on the light
truth is black and dark
and the dark made lighter
or the bright made darker sometimes
that's all is truth for us
but what we don't understand
it's just our belief about the truth
what we love to forget
is the truth behind the truth

truth is what is convenient
what is convenient is loved
what is inconvenient is hated 
that's the real truth
behind our 'honestly' convenient truths

truth is pleasant
if it's convenient
truth isn't the truth
when it's unpleasant

truth is not really the truth
truth is just a choice
what's true for me
isn't true for others 

truth doesn't change
it's present always
even if it's hidden
even if nobody wants to know it

truth isn't opinions and beliefs
truth is something more 
that we need to understand

truth isn't all that 
what is told to us
truth for us is what we understand
from what we hear being
highly opinionated or indifferent
about the facts

truth isn't 
satisfaction, that what satisfies us
truth isn't 
satisfaction or dissatisfaction
justice or injustice
hope or no hope at all
trust or distrust 

nobody tells the truth
the complete truth
truth is a quest
we have to find it our own

truth isn't just words
words have meanings
and meanings have shades
shades are subtle
truth is something more than words and shades

what we want to know
isn't really the absolute truth
our quest should be the truth
not what we want know,
not what we want to read,
not what we want to see,
not what we want to hear

the truth is powerful
when it's known
truth is powerless
when it's hidden
we have to search it

truth is a quest
what realization comes to you
that is the truth
complete truth for you

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