Poem: Honestly Trying

One more poem for PAD challenge 2015 day 14, an honest or a dishonest poem. 

my smile
you loved always
still there!
you know, it can’t be fake
you know, i can’t lie
you know, i can’t smile
without you!
still smile is there?
have i forgotten you?
happy, ever - happy
can’t be true, you know it
not fake though
you know , i can’t lie
honestly, i try sometimes
to hide my tears
but i can’t, you know
my weakness or my strength
i can’t lie…
still have the same smile
am i cheating myself?
cheating the life?
running away from the pain?
honestly, i don’t want to
remember my smiling eyes?
they are teary now
lips may smile though
remember my happiest voice?
it’s teary now…
world can’t recognize
i can’t hide
i can’t share
truth is mysterious
like love
honest or dishonest
can’t be defined
honestly, i try to be happy
without you
honestly, i don’t want to be happy

without you
honestly trying to live
the life, just honestly!

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