PAD Challenge Day 20 Poem: My Poem, The Light

Today is the day 20 of April month's poem-a-day challenge. It has been a fantastic journey so far. Today's prompt is to write a poem with the title "My (blank), the (blank)" where we are supposed to create a new phrase or word for the title. I am absolutely drenched in writing and reading poems this month, so couldn't think anything other than poems, "My Poem, The Light". 

when the thought clouds 
become overwhelming
my poem showers 
the rain drops of solace

when I feel completely
alone and lost
my poem comes as my best friend
sharing all the secrets

when tears just don't want 
to leave me,
my poem showers 
blessings of Krishna

when the heartache becomes 
just difficult to bear silently
my poem comes
to heal my wounds

when the torn mask of the fake people
leaves a new scar on my mind
my poem becomes 
my healer hugging me
when the hatred, torture, and injustice
choke my breathing
my poem becomes the oxygen
to save my life

when silence of agony
kills my voice and my tears
my poem becomes my voice
expressing the deep pain

when spiritual doubts
make me restless
my poem becomes the Sadguru,
guides me with all the answers

when the path of Sadhana
seems to be lost in the dark
my poem becomes my lighthouse
and the light of Gyana
bringing the self-realization of Advaita

when the self-realization
comes from the heart 
my poem flows like a river
dancing happily 
with the bliss of the light

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