PAD Challenge Day 30 Poem: Bury The Past

It’s the last day of the PAD challenge.  I am happy that I could write poems for thirty days. I think, it’s really Gurukripa, without which writing a single word is impossible. And, your love and support, bless me for writing more and more with enthusiasm. This month I met many new incredible poets and read a lot of poems, enjoyed them, learnt a lot.  

This month has been such an incredible celebration of poetry because of the daily prompts and motivation by Robert Lee Brewer on his editor blog-Poetic Asides. I have no words to thank you, Mr Robert Lee Brewer. :-)  

Today’s prompt is Bury the (blank). I chose to write about verbal abuse once again for the last day. This poem is based on the mistakes we commit while giving advice to wounded hearts and verbal-emotional abuse victims knowingly or unknowingly. A suppressed victim doesn't tell us how they get more and more hurt by those simple looking words, "Bury The Past."

bury the past and move on
live a fresh life

bury the past
it’s easy to preach

forget all that happened,
it’s easy to tell

how can i bury the scars?
how can i bury the memories of torture?
how can i bury the toxic words?
how can i bury the threats?

bury the past and move on
so easy to preach
as you can’t see them
you  don’t have empathy
can you bury your scars?

someone tortures you,
can you forget it?

witnessing shattering your dreams
can you bury that moment?
can you imagine?

bury the past and move on
can you do it?

can you bury the injustice with you?
nobody knows it
when your heart experiences it
every moment
how will you bury those moments of injustice with you?
can you bury them?
then teach me!

bury the past and move on
it’s easy to preach
can you do it?

i can’t
i won’t
i won’t ever
until i change my present and my future
i won’t forget the injustice

i won’t bury the past

My purpose of writing all these crazy poems is to make life a bit better, your life- my life a bit better. We have uncountable negative things to face every day, my little efforts are like those tiny raindrops which make us smile. Writing poems or anything, even a small message, is spiritual Sadhana for me. Therefore, all these efforts are small steps steps towards self-realization. 

From tomorrow, we will continue poetic journey as usual and will keep celebrating poetry and the life. 

It's a bit sad feeling today, but what's sweet is that we are going to meet tomorrow also. :-)

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