Poem: Bury The Love?

What can be the great way to celebrate the completion of the PAD challenge? Of course, writing poems, poems and more poems. Yet another poem for the "Bury" prompt. This is a cute love poem with cute thoughts, how 'he' thinks and how 'she' thinks about "Bury The Love?" thought. :-)

he's feeling,
'bury the secret love
 she is not going to come
 not going to listen
 not going to understand
 your secret love
 bury the love?
 how can i?'

she's feeling,
'bury the memories
 bury the moments
 bury his love
 bury everything
 bury the dreams
 bury the hopes
 bury everything
 bury the love?
 no, i won’t
 love can’t be buried!
 i love – the love
 won’t bury it.'
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