PAD Challenge Day 8 Poem: Dare to Refuse Addiction

The eighth day of the PAD challenge this month, wow! I am really enjoying this. Today's topic by writer's digest is dare.

Recently, tobacco addiction and lung cancer causing by it have become a topic of debate because of controversial statements by the members of the Indian parliament. 

Today's poem is on tobacco addiction. 

"dare to smoke"
they challenged!
"Dare to suicide?"
He asked!
"Be a man
Dare to smoke, you kid!"
they said.
"Suicide isn't my adventure
I dare to refuse your challenge!
I dare to refuse
he challenged!
dare to refuse
it’s killing you
I challenge you!

What is more challenging, dare to surrender or dare to refuse? 

It's easier to refuse before the beginning. It's difficult to get freedom from long time addiction. Still willingness and taking right help can help stop it. 

Willingness is the real challenge. 

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