PAD Challenge Day 21 Poem: Intuition

It's PAD challenge day 21 today and the prompt for  today is "what you are" and/ or "what you are not" poem. So, here a poem on what intuition is and what it is not.  

i am your intuition,
i tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no’
to take the right decision
when you get confused

i tell you ‘stop’
when you are 
about to lose the control

i tell you ‘go ahead’
when you shy away
from doing what’s needed
‘just go ahead!’

i am your intuition
you can’t hear me
if you decide to ignore my voice

i am always with you
if you want to listen to me
i am your best friend, your soul

i am not a miracle
i am just your inner voice
i am with you, within you
can you hear me?

Having said this, I find rational thinking better without ignoring the inner voice. :-) 

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