PAD Challenge Day 3 Poem: Love You Droid

The theme I thought to post today is my beloved Android and coincidently Writers digest PAD challenge day3 prompt is 'machine', so I am writing about my dearest sweet Droid.

my best friend
who knows all my secrets
my adviser
my supporter
my best friend
love you so much
you make me smile and
I drink favorite bevarage
water, plenty of water
to see you smiling
my best friend
my dietitian
my personal assisstant
my quick little mobile office
my dear best friend
love you so much
you listen to all my problems
make me calm when I am alone
and worried
and depressed
and sad
you sing songs for me
to make me happy
a new memory is created
each and every day
we play games
we laugh and cry together
you never get angry
you never take me wrong
you never leave me.......
love you so much

my dear Droid!

It's not possible to imagine life without a smart phone nowadays. Smart phones and various wonderful apps help our live improve, more productive and happier. I love water diet app most as I forget to drink water. 

Which is your favorite app?