Poem: Swinging Ideologies

This poem is also for PAD challenge day 17, a swing poem. Thought to write my feelings about swinging political ideologies. 

swinging ideologies
are the modern politics

from left to right
and right to left

it's a circle
without any center
or with the center of opportunism

coalitions and separations
all opportunism
they tell us,
'ideological differences'
for their illogical preferences

meaningless statements
or the controversial ones

everything is fair for them
in the game of power
in the war and love for power

enemies become friends
and friends ready to kill each other

followers fight the verbal war
for their incapable leaders
hide ideological failure
boast their political ignorance

they all 
meet at the center point of the power
for them
right, left and the center 
are just words

how future generations
will learn and understand politics
trollism and opportunism
new ideologies for 
new generations

why should we call them leaders?
for misleading the people?

how will they teach us ideologies?
those leaders 
who need trolls to defend their failure?
can they?

In the era of social media, whatever goes viral on social sites, gets the fame. Unfortunately, we forget, merely 140 characters cannot make us great politician, great political analyst or a great leader. Trolling cannot be the replacement for journalism. Fake accounts cannot build real followers for any ideology. I think, this is the time when we all need to take a pause and need to re-think about present political ideologies in Bharat, their validity in today's circumstances and their practicality in near and long-term future. 

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