Poem: Agony

Today's poem is about the agony of living in a rigid place.

I live in a semi-urban area where internet means Facebook and Whatsapp. A place where if I say I am a blogger, people ask suspiciously what it is. I think, the biggest reason of popularity of Facebook in India is the power it has to share personal photos with the world instead of the power of expression, connection and sharing. I work online because it can be a an unproductive thing for me to explain about my work in my city. One local prospective client had reached out to me and requested for social media advice. Their first question to me was how do you use social media for business as people believe it's for sharing personal life. Understanding their requirements and working on strategy formation, I again, spent almost an hour, explaining how social media can benefit their business. I had also given the required documentation. The next thing, I could hear was the person was asking me everything on paper. I didn't get it. Strategies aren't software code. I was trying to communicate with an Engineer. I would certainly love elaborating about social media marketing, if respectful communication was possible.

I don't share about the issues in Indian semi-urban area much. It's quite painful to write about own city. Unfortunately, it's the unpleasant truth that technology not necessarily make people open-minded. Smartphones not necessarily make people smart. Development needs to be in thinking as well. I don't mean that everything is just black, no question of generalization here. However, education doesn't make everybody educated, some people just become literate at the level to somehow carry the life.

Whenever anybody asks me, what do I get by blogging, I feel blank. Can you measure the power of voicing your thoughts on the global stage? Unfortunately yes, as I, after 5 years' of blogging, still have to answer the question, what do you get?

Some section of even educated working people somewhere believe that online work is illegitimate if it's not Facebook or Whatsapp.

Rural Indians still don't have electricity. It would be understandable if they would be unaware of the online world, but I find communicating in villages much easier many times.

Suffocation of life in
a rigid town
I breathe online
Thanks for the freedom
Dear world you have


Foolish me,
Apply, implement, try to execute
Knowledge in a society
Where people are rigid,
Minds are cages,

Hearts are closed,
Growth is abandoned,
Intellect is hated,
Freedom is rejected,
Free thinking is cursed,
I expect respect,
Where recognizing feelings
Own and others
Will be a miracle.


If I exclude the 0.001 per cent of gracious, humane experiences, living among rigid people is a nightmare for me. 

Small-minded people keep fighting with each other on petty issues using the technology. How does it feel, when you see people abusing each other on Twitter - a place wise people utilize to grow their businesses?

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