Micropoems: Stars of Emotions

Some micropoems like tiny twinkling stars with emotions shared earlier on twitter on various prompts. 

It's not the give and 'take'.
What I give is only love,
How you take it as
Is your judgment.

~~~ o ~~~

Dear cute stars
'Take' me with you
In the journey of dreams 

~~~ o ~~~

'Want' to meet
That old friend Who can bring Bright smile back On my face.

Prompts by @pssms

~~~ o ~~~

'Lonely ghost' of his memories
And lonely me
Search solace together.

Prompt by @Colddarkpoetry

~~~ o ~~~

His memories: A 'supernova' Exploding in my brain Will there be any relief?

~~~ o ~~~

Innocence Makes 'eyes like jewels'; Reflection of a transparent heart.

Prompts by@ElixirPoetry

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