Light of Diwali

Happy Diwali dear friends. May this Diwali bring the light of love, joy and prosperity everywhere. May the light of love spread in our hearts this Diwali. Let's celebrate light and love. 

Image: Happy Diwali

While composing some poems enjoyed creating this virtual Rangoli.  Thanks to Canva. 
Let's Stop the thought pollution of encouraging crackers in the name of Dharma.

why destroy?
happiness of light
by loud noise

why burn? 
the happiness of Diwali
in smoke

why hurt nature?
why hurt animals?
for the weird fun 
of crackers?

A growing trend for past few years is seen in the support of crackers and justification of pollution in the name of Hindu Dharma. I don't think that crackers and the noise pollution in high decibels is related to Dharma. It's a negative trend to aggressively follow harmful traditions that aren't in Hinduism, merely to oppose Indian secularism or traditions in other religions.   

I love Diwali for lights mainly. Lights and Rangoli look so beautiful. Spreading love and wishing each other more love is so delightful. 

What's the joy and fun in creating noise pollution and smoke? It's not the sign of a healthy mind to celebrate noise that scare innocent animals, harm ill people and pregnant women. We can't stop all the pollution due to traffic and industries, but that doesn't mean that we should generate more pollution. This logic to justify the crackers is absurd. Hinduism is not going to end if we don't burn our money in smoke of crackers, neither it's becoming stronger by such unhealthy aggressive behavior. 

Let's celebrate light and love:

Let's celebrate light and love. Let's spread light and let's abandon the darkness of pollution. Let's love Dharma for the sake of love and light, not hatred. 

Dharma is light
Dharma is love
not noise
not pollution
Spread light
light up every heart with love
live for love

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