KrishnaMohini Collection of Bhagwan Shrikrishna Poems

I am so happy today to present first collection of poems from Narayankripa. Let the beginning be grand and celestial. On the very auspicious festival of Janmashtami, the birthday of our beloved Lord Krishna, dedicating this collection to Him. The first poem I wrote was a dedication to Lord Shrirama and now the first collection of Narayankripa poems "KrishnaMohini" is also dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Every poem in this collection is very special, very close to my heart; they are my heartfelt feelings for Lord Krishna. These poems are also loved by the readers of Narayankripa. I hope you’ll also love them. The poems are not just spiritual, they have the deepest love and devotion to Lord Krishna. 

In addition, these poems are in various poetic forms like Haiku, free verse and micropoetry. Therefore, this collection is a wholesome pleasure for poetry lovers. 

Whether you love Lord Krishna or poetry this place, a temple, for tranquility for all of us. 

Image: Bhagwan Radhe Krishna

Jagatjanani Radhaji and Krishna, bless me with your eternal love. Please accept my prayers.

Free Verse Poems:

  1. Krishna Loves Mohi: Simple yet profound feelings of love for Lord Krishna expressing deep devotion. 
  2. Journey of Life - The Complete Love: The journey of life with the love for Lord Krishna
  3. Love Forever: Krishna and Mohini When Krishna loves you it's impossible to resist it and once you also fall in love with Him it becomes an eternal love poem.
  4. Lost in Love: Forgetting the self in love is a perfect feeling where what prevails is only Love.
  5. Enamored: A poem about Shrikrishna's leadership which is one more reason to love Him.
  6. Mad for His Love: Eternal madness for Lord Krishna and His Love 
  7. Krishna: A gratitude poem dedicated to Lord Krishna for being my friend.
  8. It's my Lyrics Desire: Desire of a poet to bless her words with the power to end griefs. 
  9. Blue Sky: Magical beauty of Blue Sky. 
  10. Black: Black is Krishna and so black is beautiful.
  11. O Krishna, Give Me Solace: A prayer to Lord Krishna to give solace in damaged sleep cycle.
  12. Just Call Krishna: Another prayer to Lord Krishna to help in the moments of distress.
  13. The World of Shrirama: A poem dedicated to the world of Lord Shrirama. 


  1. First Love: The madness of first love becomes devotion when it's for Lord Krishna
  2. Lord Krishna-My Life: Lord Krishna the only reason to live, true, isn't it?
  3. Life is Melody: When Lord Krishna loves you life becomes a melody.
  4. Is It Possible?: As the madness of devotion grows is it possible that heartbeats can forget Bhagwan Krishna?
  5. Play Your Flute: Krishna's flute sings the song of love
  6. Meaning of Life: Lord Krishna's love gives meaning to life.
  7. Waves of Love: Krishna and me... and waves of love 
  8. Last Desire: Last Desire of Krishna's lover.


  1. His Flute: The magic of Lord Krishna's flute.
  2. Flowers: Beginning of the day by worship of Bhagwan Shrikrishna
  3. Weaving Poems: A moment without remembering Lord Krishna is like death for His devotees.


Sweet Song: Krishna means sweetness; so a sweet song dedicated to Him.

Sanskrit Hymn: 

Shrikrishnam: Sanskrit Hymn to Lord Shrikrishna.

Acrostic Poem: 

Happy Janmashtami: Acrostic poem with a wish Happy Janmashtami. First letter of every line of the poem forms Happy Janmashtami.