Poem: Cage

Breaking the comfort zone and making uncommon choices invite troubles sometimes. Lately, I have been thinking about why do anybody who decides to build their own path have to suffer a lot. I think it's a cage which many of us love to live in.

cage of  own thoughts,
cage of society,
cage of fears,
we make this life a cage

cage of influences, 
cage of blind worship,
cage of blind hatred,
we make this life a cage

cage of envy,
cage of bitterness,
cage of revenge,
we trap our soul in a cage

cage of blame-game,
cage of ego-war,
cage of conflicts
we make this life a cage;
we make this world a cage

cage of beliefs,
cage of stereotypes,
cage of definitions,
we trap our life in a cage

success is freedom,
success is forgiveness,
success is compassion
make this life a success

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