Poem: Do We Really Worship Devi Maa?

Today's poem is dedicated to the worship of Devi Maa in the form of women.

Yesterday I participated in a Twitter chat (Check with hashtag SpiritChat) on celebrating Divine Feminine. My thought about best way of celebrating the supreme power is ending the gender bias. When we worship Devi Maa, the major focus is on rituals and worship in the form of Murti. However, our devotion to Mother Goddess won't be complete till we won't work rigorously to stop the crimes against women and gender bias. Today's poem is all about womanhood.

Do we really worship Devi Maa?
In which form? Mother, daughter, sister, friend, wife, girlfriend, a woman?
Do we really worship 'her'?

She is murdered
Before her birth
If she is allowed to
See the life
Her life is forced to choke at every stage,
Her childhood,
Her adolescence,
Her youth,

Her career,
Her dreams,
Her ambitions,
Her love

Sometimes in the name of love,
Sometimes in the name of her protection,
Sometimes in the name of honor
Her life is forced to suffocation

Sometimes in the name of traditions,
Sometimes in the name of modernity
Her life is choked

She is not allowed to cry
Oh...her tears have a label, drama!
She is not allowed to breathe freely

Her capabilities,
Are made to limit in her fertility

She is abused, 
she is raped,
She is blamed for her femininity,
And she is blamed for being a victim,
She is hated for being a victim,

Yes, she is blamed
For the crime
Of being a woman
She is blamed
For the cowardly desire of the rapist to overpower her
She is abused for raising her voice

Her character is judged
Her purity is judged
Oh...she is scrutinized
By the self-appointed
Social judges
Without any purity of thoughts
Without any clarity of thoughts
Oh...it's their self-declared duty to control her

She is punished till she is broken completely by
The social judges who fear her femininity
She is abused for speaking up for her rights

She is  judged 
By her cloths,
By her hairstyle,
By her figure,
By her beauty...
Her character is judged
But her loving heart is ignored 

Her love,
Her care,
Her sacrifice is forgotten

Oh...it's her duty
She won't ever complain
And, she shouldn't 
It's her duty
Self appointed judges declare

She is not allowed to think,
She is not allowed to choose,
She is not allowed to grow,
She is not allowed to weep,
She is not allowed to breathe freely

She is not allowed to love what 'she' loves,
She is forced to love by their choice,
Because she is a woman

Woman is a complete human
then why?

She has a brain,
She has a heart,
She can think,
She can choose,
She maintains  the balance
She can decide

She worships her family,
She worships her love,
She worships her work,
She worships her duties,
then why?

Do we worship her?
Do we recognize Devi Maa in 'her' form?
Do we respect womanhood?
Do we 'really' worship Devi Maa?

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