Stotram: You Are With Me

For the past eight days we have been praying Maa Bhagawati in various forms like Mahayoga Sadhana, Kundalini Shakti, Sadguru, Kulaswamini, Women. We even had Darshana from some village temples. Today is Ashtami, 9th day. Yesterday, I felt very relaxed and absolutely free from all the doubts keep bothering our mind due to ignorance.My ignorance - Agyana and thoughts  confined in the material boundaries disappeared by praying and thinking about her presence. I realized her power and why She is Shakti. Today's poem is in the form of my conversation with Devi Maa. The first poem is a hymn to Maa and the second one is in the form of assurance by Maa to her children.

The prayers I could express for all the Navaratri are my heartfelt emotions written in tears.

My Prayer to Devi Maa: 

Millions of names you have
They cant describe you completely
Millions of hymns sing your glory
Theyre incomplete till today
Your little child calls you
With her ignorant words,
Immature prayers,
Imperfect praise

You love them,
You make them perfect,
You load your power in them,
You shower your divine blessings
With your prevailing love

My ordinary words
Become the seeds of transformation

Dear Maa, you make it all happen

I couldn't dream about
The courage,
The power 
You instill in 
My thoughts,
My actions,
My poems,

I try to scratch something with my pen
You turn them into
Divine, pure flowers like lotus
Hymns, prayers and poems.....

Despite all the odds in my life
You make my words prospering

Dearest Maa,
Dearest Bhagawati,
You made me 'complete'
My hands  folded
My eyes closed
Feeling You in My heart......


Blessings of Devi Maa:

All the worries and miseries
You are with Me
I'm here to take care of everything

What went wrong

What were blunders
Committed by whom

Forget it all

Forget all the guilt
You are my child
You are with Me

The time 'lost'

The opportunities 'lost'

What you have lost

What has been snatched from you

Forget who hurt you,
Forget who betrayed your trust

You are with Me
Your thoughts,
Your dreams,
Your goals,
Your endeavors,
Are safe with Me

I am with you
To care and protect.

All the cowards who troubled, saddened you

The agony they gave to you

Those wounds they gave you

You are my child
You are with Me

I am not bound in the time measures
I am ageless
You are my child
You are free from those boundaries
Always remember,
You are My Child
I am with You

Past, present and future
I am everywhere
Everything is 'Present'  for me
and I am present everywhere
operating with unvarying power everywhere

You are my child
You are beyond all the boundaries
Always remember
I am with You, within You.

You are with Me
Everything is perfect
I know to make everything 'perfect'
I know to correct

Relieve all the concerns
of past, present and future

Give those tears to me
Give those wounds to me
Give all the venom they gave to your life

That's my Naivedyam

That's my worship

I want  all your pains,
I want all your problems

Never feel alone,
Never feel lost,
Never feel powerless,

You are with Me
All my power, blessings, Sankalpa are for you
my dear child, Mohini

Let them insult your devotion
Let them devalue your sufferings
Let them insult the righteousness

I am there to prevail the justice
You are with Me.

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