Poem: Enamored

Today's poem is a dedication to my love for Lord Krishna as the ideal leader. This poem is based on inclusion of six words highlighted in bold. Lord Krishna is mainly portrayed as a mischievous guy who was loved by women. However, I love Lord Krishna as a leader.  When I started reading about Him in Mahabharata, I found that so many lies and misconceptions are spread about Him. Even Krishna devotees sometimes mock Him unknowingly. Lord Krishna was a great warrior and a great leader. Also, one more reason, this poem is so different is that women, generally, are not believed to have their imagination or desire of love at such a high level, which can be related to the power of leadership that can bring peace in the world. Women are thought (by many) as some beautiful accessories for men. Can we imagine a love-story that begin with a strategic discussion for world-peace? Can we imagine a love-story where love begins with a dream (and the power to make it reality) for the humanity?

Image: Lord Krishna

The whirligig of your thoughts,
The power of your love enamored me.

The translucence of your thoughts,
The power of your charisma enamored me.

Your astronomical dreams for the humanity and the world,
The power of your leadership that changed the world enamored me.

Your fertile strategies outmaneuvered
The doublespeak of peace haters that come in the disguise of diplomacy
The power of your transformational words of righteousness enamored me.

Your premium authority on unlocking latent potentials,
The power of your teachings that create leaders enamored me

This poem is written for the weekly challenge on poetic asides blog by Mr Robert Lee Brewer.  

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