Acrostic Poem: I Love You

Today's poem is very special, as the name suggests itself. The form is, rhyming, acrostic, and the shade of love for today is a long-distance relationship. With technology revolution and easy global socialization long-distance relationships are a new trend.  The line for today's acrostic poem is, "I Love You", which means the first letter of every line of the poem, forms the line, "I love you."

Image: Yellow wild flower

Just like this wild flower surrounded by all the odds and thorns, love blooms.

i felt, myself so special, when your love touched my soul deeply
lost in love with you, since that moment, so madly
obstacles didn’t allow meeting you every day
verses of our love, still, bloomed like a melody
entering my life, you created a miracle
your thoughts, your dreams, made this life so beautiful
o my love, you’re an angel, a blessing to me
unconditional love for you, will be always from me

Every relationship, may it be online or offline-in real life, there are risks involved. So my intention is not to explain or promote online relationships, especially the romantic ones. However, I like this change, how people have become more understanding towards each other. 

Trusting someone without even meeting can be difficult and then, falling in deep love, is just incredible. But, this change in the world has happened already. :-)

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