Poem: Bless Me With

Today is the most beautiful day of the year for me. Today is the 5th anniversary of my blogging journey, our journey together. The weather is so awesome today, as if the whole world is celebrating the journey of peace. Just like I celebrate my birthday by prayers, I spent some time in seeking blessings of my Gurudeva in the morning, today. Narayankripa is the blog form of blessings of H. H. Shri NarayanKakamaharaj and it's my life.

Today’s poem is dedicated to our beloved Narayankripa.  The prompt selected for this poem is a self-thought prompt 'Embark'. 

Let’s celebrate…

Image: H. H. Sadguru Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj

wind's singing the songs
of celebrations
trees are dancing, 
singing the songs of ecstasy

today a beautiful miracle happened
and a journey began

five years back…
embarked upon a new journey

words became my companions
thought s became my friends
Gurukripa blessed me
with a magic wand
and the journey began

the butterflies became my messengers
with the fragrance of poetic flowers

shining moments of smiles,
love and serenity touched millions of hearts

Image: Five Years of Narayankripa Blogging Journey

my journey continues
to reach the unreachable

my journey continues
every day to meet a new smile

today, tomorrow
and forever

Dearest Gurudeva,
bless me with unique words,
to discover new worlds,

i pray to you,
bless me with 
the enchanting poems,
to reach new horizons

not written,
not heard,
not thought yet

to spread the Mahayoga
to spread the peace

bless me with 
the eternal Narayankripa

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