Poem: Why do I blog?

Today's poem is about blogging. The prompt is suggested by Blogchatter  .  I had a plan of a article about  blogging, but what heart wrote is a poem. :) Hope you'll love it. 

Why do I blog?
Why do I breathe?
‘I’ breathe?
I don't breathe
Breaths live the life

Breaths give the life

Why do I love?
‘I’ don't love
Love lives and love speaks

Why do I smile?
‘I’ don't smile
Smile reflects my heart

Why do I cry?
‘I’ don't cry?
Tears want to scream
Sometimes loudly,
Sometimes silently

Why do I blog?
Why do I write?
Words flow
Tell their story
Sing their song
Joyous and tranquil

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