Poem: Leadership Void

The political era we have been witnessing in recent years seems to be turning into more and more immature leadership. Is it the influence of social media that gives a feeling of power by creating followers' army to attack, abuse the opponent or trend 'whatever' to prove the power to the world? It's quite difficult to analyze the inconsistent policies of Indian political parties these days.

If a political leader is criticized, their followers propagate allegations or similar past blunders by the opponents. Does this immature behavior by the followers prove any leadership qualities of the particular leader? The blame game continues, what is best delivered by the political parties, nowadays, is the blame game. Instead of questioning the leader for losing influence, political party members feel proud in sycophancy and justifying their leaders' blunders. A poem for political leaders, it's the time to introspect. Decisions define the power of the a leader, not the strength of abusers or attackers.

introspect some day,
protest some day

immature insanity,
lost clarity

why hide,
leadership void?

directionless policies,
powerless decisions,
fruitless actions

why hide,
leadership void?

face it,
confess it,
correct it

why hide,
leadership void?

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