29 May 2015

Poem: Lifelong Learner

Poetic asides Wednesday prompt is about learning. What's the best aspect of learning, learning itself. Here is bouquet of micropoems on 'learning'.

learning to write
learning to express
'the love'
the writing love
learning to write poems


just experiences
learn a lesson for better future


love can't be taught
love can't be learned
love's just love
living in the moments of love
love's the experience
that makes the life


being a student
a lifelong learner
a kid 
always alive in me
with sparkled eyes
to learn the unknown


every achievement
small or big
celebration of 
learning forever

every failure
small or big
celebration of
learning forever

stable calm mind in
success or failure
patience for learning more
secret of success


love to learn always
new doors of opportunities
never give up

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